UPDATED: Meet the new faces of The Flash

News Louisa Mellor 11 Feb 2014 - 07:10

A host of new superhero characters are coming to The CW's Arrow spin-off, The Flash. Here's who's been cast in the pilot so far...

Enough casting announcements have been made for The CW's Arrow spin-off, The Flash, it warranted a beefy round-up.

The roll-call for the forthcoming superhero series is now looking something like this:

UPDATE: Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells

The latest addition to The Flash's cast is Ed and Scrubs' Tom Cavanagh, who'll be playing, according to the official blurb: "a rock star in the world of physics and the mind and money behind Central City’s S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator. He becomes a pariah after the lab’s explosion, but he charts his path to redemption when he discovers that his failed experiment had the unintended consequence of creating the world’s fastest man." 


Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka The Flash

As Arrow's Barry Allen, Grant Gustin was the first piece of casting news to arrive for The Flash, back when The CW were still planning to sneak it in as a backdoor pilot within its Oliver Queen-based sister series. When we first met young Allen, he was working as a forensic scientist for the police department, with his super future on the horizon.


Jesse L. Martin as Detective West

Then came Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin as Allen's Detective West, described as an "honest, blue collar cop who's seen it all. A soulful, funny caring father to Iris (see below), and a surrogate father to Barry, West came up through the foster system himself. [Look away now if you want to avoid plot spoilers] He took in Barry after his mother's murder and his father's imprisonment. He believes in Barry and supports Barry's efforts to prove his father's innocence."


Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne/Professor Zoom

A recent transfer to the Central City Police Department, Detective Edward Thawne (played by The Vampire Diaries' Rick Cosnett) is said to have a mysterious past and to harbour a dark secret in The Flash. A secret that Barry Allen, we'd wager, will dedicate himself to finding out.


Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

Former child actress Danielle Panabaker is the woman taking on STAR Labs bioengineering expert, Caitlin Snow, a scientific researcher who gains superpowers of her own...


Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe

One of the newest additions to the cast is Broadway's Carlos Valdes, a "mechanical engineering genius" who will go on to become Vibe, a Justice League member with the ability to emit powerful sonic shock waves.


Candice Patton as Iris West

Finally comes Iris West, daughter of Detective West (above) and a key part of The Flash universe, in more than one of the superhero's incarnations.

We'll being you more news on The Flash pilot, as it arrives.

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I'm no comic expert, but Professor Zoom is an amazing name.

Detective... Wally... West?

Wally West is Iris West's nephew. So yes, same family :)

Looks like a good cast so far. Interesting to see how they approach Zoom

Do we actually know if Rick Cosnett is going to playing Zoom? Because it's always possible he could actually be Barry's twin brother and Zoom's ancestor who becomes the supervillain Cobalt Blue.

Given the musical training of a lot of the cast I really hope we get the Music Master turn up for an appearance.

And Forrest Whitaker as My Complete Lack Of Enthusiasm. :P


Could still have Mark Hamill as the Trickster??

I always thought the costume (Flash's with predominately yellow instead of red) was pretty cool, too

Hahaha like Bomb Voyage, right? Man you made me laugh

ba dum tsh

Personally I don't care, but this article has enough spoilers in it that it probably warrants a spoiler warning at the beginning of the article, no?

Nice to see an interracial couple in a major tv series. As much as I love the Flash (barry allen was alway my favourite), I think i'll reserve judgement on the show

If that is the villain from the one Batman: Brave and the Bold I've seen then yes. That was one of the strangest cartoons I've ever seen.

And one of the most awesome :)

I prefer reverse flash.


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