The Flash TV series to receive stand-alone pilot

News Louisa Mellor 18 Nov 2013 - 22:37

All change for The Flash: The CW's new series will no longer use Arrow for a backdoor pilot, but have one all to itself...

The CW's original plan for Barry Allen's The Flash was for him to appear pre-powers in a couple of instalments of Arrow's second season, and then to nab episode twenty of the same for his origin story 'backdoor pilot' (no sniggering at the back, please). That first part is still happening, but The CW has since decided that The Flash series warrants its very own pilot episode.

A standalone pilot means one thing in TV-land, more moolah to spend on all those whizzy moving-very-quickly effects. Barry Allen is expected to debut in all his red spandex-costumed glory in the pilot, which, if commissioned, would lead to another DC universe TV series on The CW's books. Well, they have to keep up with Marvel's expanding TV empire somehow...

Read what we could expect to see in a Flash TV show, here.

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That's kind of good news, but Allen will have to have a fairly memorable role for his cameo in Arrow to matter enough to draw casual viewers over to the pilot to see whathappens to him next.

Still, the big question is: Will Arrow and The Flash be in the same universe as Man of Steel? I sure hope so!

Will the new show Gotham be in this universe?

If this allows more people to see the Wonder that is The Flash then that's great. However when it comes to the Justice League movie, I hope they use an different actor.

Interesting that you say....'Well, they have to keep up with Marvel's expanding TV empire somehow'... given that Arrow is far and away superior to Agents of SHEILD.

Strikes me that TV is a great platform for DC properties and if they handle it right Arrow, The Flash and whatever else is on the cards could build a great base for the JLA movie.

Gone are the days where, as a comic book fan, you could see all the films and tv shows they put out. The superheroes are taking over everywhere!

It would be fantastic if this Flash series and the Arrow series turn out to exist in the same universe as Man of Steel and its sequel. Fans have clearly already accepted Arrow as being a great interpretation of Green Arrow and have embraced Amell in the role. And as Arrow progresses, more and more 'super powers' have been introduced (super soldier serum), so it's not too grounded in reality to fit with Superman.
I think a great way to make it work is if Arrow and the Flash series are a collective 'prequel' to Man of Steel. What if those TV series eventually end with the arrival of Zod to Earth and the emergence of Superman, thereby flipping Flash's and Green Arrow's worlds upside down. Meanwhile, Amell's Green Arrow and Gustin's Flash could appear in any of the DC movies (even if briefly) as older versions of themselves (as in older versions of the characters they currently play on TV).
If DC keeps having separate universes, they'll just keep alienating their viewers

Executives and producers confirmed that Arrow and the new Flash series' will NOT share the Man of Steel universe.

Can't wait!

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