BBC Three’s The Fades cancelled

News Louisa Mellor
5 Apr 2012 - 21:07

It’s official: BBC Three’s terrific series The Fades has not been renewed for a second season


We feared as much when series five of Being Human was commissioned, and now it’s been confirmed: The Fades has not been renewed for a second series. It’s not for want of trying. Fans mobilised their efforts last October into that most British of all things, a petition, but to no avail.

After announcements of budget cuts to BBC Three’s drama output, it didn’t look as though there’d be enough money for both British genre shows to continue on the channel, and now it seems the newcomer has been dropped in favour of the established series.

The Fades actor Johnny Harris announced the news yesterday whilst on the publicity circuit for Snow White and the Huntsman, so this one’s come straight from the horse’s (or should we say angel’s) mouth. Not to worry though, there’s always plenty of Don’t Tell the Bride and Snog, Marry or Avoid to be going on with…


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