BBC Three’s The Fades cancelled

News Louisa Mellor 5 Apr 2012 - 21:07

It’s official: BBC Three’s terrific series The Fades has not been renewed for a second season


We feared as much when series five of Being Human was commissioned, and now it’s been confirmed: The Fades has not been renewed for a second series. It’s not for want of trying. Fans mobilised their efforts last October into that most British of all things, a petition, but to no avail.

After announcements of budget cuts to BBC Three’s drama output, it didn’t look as though there’d be enough money for both British genre shows to continue on the channel, and now it seems the newcomer has been dropped in favour of the established series.

The Fades actor Johnny Harris announced the news yesterday whilst on the publicity circuit for Snow White and the Huntsman, so this one’s come straight from the horse’s (or should we say angel’s) mouth. Not to worry though, there’s always plenty of Don’t Tell the Bride and Snog, Marry or Avoid to be going on with…


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Gutted. Why do all the shows I love get cancelled.

BBC stuck with a formula that was working, rather than give a new idea a good run. Probably also The Fades was packed with expensive special effects so cost more to produce than Being Human.

Pity since The Fades won the BAFTA for best drama last night.

The Americans will totally spoil the series and alter the format until it's unrecognisable.

amazing ..being human is now complete garbage and yet this superb series wins best drama award at the baftas and is cancelled about self destruction BBC

What! love being human aswell, but this was such an original idea, that i absolutely thought there would be another series. gutted!!!!!

this was the best show that i'd seen in a long time. it was hard to get through the week waiting for the next episode

I'm American and totally agree with you. I will not watch Being Human ever again once it was "Americanized". I loved "The Fades" and probably would not follow an Americanized version if it became available. I truly despise the in your face t.v. drama that we create for our audiences here. American t.v. dumbs down the though process and doesn't have any subtlety and thought provoking concepts. So Sad.......

they should do it and go straight to dvd with it !!!!! i need more of the fades waiting to long !!!!

I am so disappointed! Once again, a network has not given a great show a chance to find its audience. My daughter and I were avid fans once we got the hang of the accents.

Yes and yes. You should watch them as the main story arch is taken care of, but the final scene makes you want another season so bad to see what happens next.

Boo! We so enjoyed The Fades. Damn BBC , getting me hooked on another show and canceling !

Maybe the SyFy network will do an american version and continue the story. (hint, hint) "Being Human" U.S. story rocks so far, so I know a U.S. version of "The Fades" would definately kick butt. This show is too good to let go. I am so sick of reality tv.

What a loaf of crap. The series was amazing while being human is just a collection on mythical monsters that have been over used. Congradulations BBC, you really are a people,s company...not

I wouldn't watch Dr Who if my life depended on it. I used to watch Being Human but it got too dull. But who knows. For me, its certainly the end.

I wouldn't recommend it.

American version of Being Human is a disaster, but the British version is just a glorified soap opera. Why didn't they cancell that? No one I know can stand their constant annoying whining.

Thats a pile of BS, but you have a point. American tv has some amazingly great drama. American Horror Story and Grimm would probably appeal to many people here. But it really doesn't work to redo a show. Something major is always lost in translation. Thats not to say American screen writers don't come up with amazing original work. Of course they most often get cancelled too. I am still upset over 4400, Firefly and Drive. I just don't get it. Fades had a decent ratings in good young categories. Why did they toss it? Being Human is losing ratings like a siv.

They should have bought to SyFy in the US, I think it would have been a hit here!!!

bummer... the fades was much more entertaining and original than being human.

it would get screwed up like the american take on being human. shameless is about the only good job of recreating a brit series. the american season of torchwood was crap too. and it was on a pay channel!!

Thought the BBC was just a dried up pile of garbage til I saw this fantastic show. BBC, you suck.

being human series four is a pile of crap .fades nevery should have been cancld

Wow, I can't believe that this awesome show wasn't continued, yet it happens all the time. I just finished watching and it's's just too short! I want to experience this world, I want to be around the characters for a much longer while. Money dictates our entertainment sadly.
I dunno...I'm sure Being Human has its fans, but bar its pilot it left me cold, three episodes in I didn't feel like the story was going anywhere. But with The Fades, there's still so much to tell. So many great characters, so intense, so many shocking twists...a shame. :(

Nooooooo!!! I want to know what happen next!! There are questions unanswered and I want to know the consequences of opening ascension. Darn!!

Am gutted. Totally brilliant series. What a terrible decision to axe it.

Axing The Fades.. That really blows.. Jeez.. Whats with the BBC of late?

un-effing believable! genius eally- it takes a high IQ to actually decide to cut award winning dramas like this!!!! Bravo! IQ stands for Incredibly Qusetionable and Being Human SUX thats why WE LIKE SCI FI !!!!!!!!

the Fades was the most compelling series I have seen in years (just screened in Oz) -- Being Human is completely dull and unwatchable, and I was hoping for a follow up season of the Fades soon, this news is just terribly disappointing.

Another absolutely brilliant series cancelled - the BBC is obviously taking its cues from showtime and HBO and Fox blah blah blah blah blah. Suck the big one BBC!

I'm Canadian. Just finished watching. WTF. Being Human was great until season 4 started and the cast was broken. Though I do appreciate looking at the one called Hal, I would have much preferred a second season of the Fades vs. another terrible season of Being Human.

Now that they have had to scrap the latter due to low ratings or whatever, could that money not fund the Fades?

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