NBC orders The Blacklist season 2

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2013 - 06:36

James Spader's got a busy year ahead of him, as NBC orders a full second season run of The Blacklist...

One of the most successful of the year's slate of new shows has been NBC's The Blacklist. The show, which stars James Spader, is apparently now NBC's most-watched new drama since 1994's Earth 2. On the surface, it follows Spader's terrorist who helps the American government track down and capture international criminals. But inevitably, his own motivations are somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Spader leads a cast that also includes Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix. And it sounds as though they're all going to be very busy for the near future. NBC has confirmed that it's ordered season two of The Blacklist already. And in a sign of further confidence in it, season two will be 22 episodes long.

The current season has just arrived at its mid-season break. It will return with episode 11 on January 13th 2014.

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Easily one of the best shows this year, Spader is awesome in this, week by week, we get a little glimpse into his character and when you think you know him, the next episode he changes the rules, great news for a second series.

Is Reddington a terrorist? I see him more as a kingpin or Moriarty class criminal.

Caught a bit of it last night for the first time, and while bits of it are intriguing, there's too much cliché and over the top acting to take it seriously. Still it makes for great background television while you're doing other things.

Spader is awesome and Red is cool but that's about it. i don't think i have ever seen a show as repetitive as this and i don't think the larger story arcs are worth having to put up with the flaws in this show. 6 episodes in and i was out.

I was almost done with this show, seen it all before...
Until ep 10, directed by Joe Carnahan (the showrunner), now I'm willing to tuff it out to see where it goes.
Still not sold on the main chick and her annoying husband, but Red and Dembe will keep me coming back after the mid-season break.

Agreed - the pilot labelled him "The Concierge of Crime", the man to go to if you want an assassin or machine guns or fake passports... but I suppose the US Government could label him that, if only because "terrorist" is such a trigger word to get people anxious and eager to bring him to justice.

I love this show, it is my new guilty pleasure. yes it is over the top, ludicrous but it is also fun. and maybe Megan Boone will eventually learn to act. I am surprised DoG has not reviewed any of it

Shut up tosser. Your input sounds uneducated and as repetitive as this "show"

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