The Big Bang Theory renewed for 3 more seasons

News Louisa Mellor 12 Mar 2014 - 16:16

Chuck Lorre's science-y sitcom has been granted seasons 8, 9 and 10 in a new deal with CBS...

Leonard, Sheldon and pals are going nowhere for the foreseeable, as CBS has granted The Big Bang Theory renewal for a further three seasons. The Chuck Lorre sitcom continues to pull in the big numbers for CBS, hence the multiple recommission.

The news will take The Big Bang Theory up to match Friends' ten season duration, a longevity of which most TV sitcoms can only dream.

The introduction of characters Amy and Bernadette as regulars a few seasons back went some way to redressing the show's initial Smurfette dynamic, giving the premise much-needed legs.

We believe this is the traditional point at which one says er, 'bazinga'.

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I'm not sure how much legs it's got left or how long they can drag out the titular "Bang" that they're moving towards.

This show's been going nowhere for some time.

I disagree with your sentiment, but well played nonetheless.

The show is pretty average but perfectly watchable, a recipe for success for a sitcom.

Thank you, sir! Perhaps this a new beginning, where haters and non-haters alike can be courteous towards each other!

I would have said it started off much more than average, unlike what it is now.

To each its own, I can respect that. Me personally. I dropped watching the show mid season 5. I didn't even know the show was still on, I was reminded while with my sister and family during Christmas. The episode I saw, justified my decision to drop it, seeing how low the show has fallen with unnecessary plots/sub-plots.

In case anyone is wondering which episode, it is the one, where Leonard learns that apparently Penny is married to Zac. Really???

And here was me thinking they were beginning to tie up storylines and draw things to a close in the show. Oh well, can't complain.

Honestly, I'm not sure it can sustain another 3 seasons.

Can't stand the show, watched two episodes and not so much as a smirk. That being said, if the demand is there why not keep it going. If I liked a sitcom I'd want it to keep going too, but maybe 10 seasons is a bit much, look at HIMYM it has really slowed down as it's tried to stretch thin premises over entire seasons, glad it'll be over in three episodes.

I've been watching because I loved it so much when it started, but the last few seasons have been average at best, with the occasional great moment and a lot of terrible ones. The show has also terrible sexists moments that make me miss the Smurfette dynamic, which felt natural. They usually cross lines with Amy/Sheldon that are more uncomfortable than funny, and some jokes have become so old that they are not so funny any more.
Three more seasons?
I truly like the show, but I don't think they can make it.

I hope Chuck will see the need to shake things up a bit if we're going to get three more good ones. Acknowledge that the characters are nearing a decade older and try to reflect that in the writing. Still loving it though!

I didn't like it at first, then around season 3 I had to watch a few episodes each Sunday whilst waiting for my son's guitar lesson to finish. Next thing I knew I was really into it. Sometimes comedy's like that.

I'm with you, Charlie. I have friends who say "Wow, I can't believe you don't like it, but you love Star Trek and sci-fi stuff, you must love it..." Sadly I think it's awful.

Good news for this guy. I love this show.

Three seasons?! I'm getting kind of tired of the show. I have a debate every week in my brain on whether I should watch or not, the quality has dropped so much in the last few seasons. I just hope Community lasts another year in its timeslot against this show.

It's a very..particular show. It suits my humor perfectly, and while it isn't always laugh-out-light, I find it amusing.

Like its been said, though, there are plenty of people who utterly hate it.

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