The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 17 review: The Monster Isolation

Review Kaci Ferrell 22 Feb 2013 - 07:30

This week's episode of The Big Bang Theory sets up some promising directions for the rest of the season...

This review contains spoilers.

6.17 The Monster Isolation

In this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, Raj continues his awkward courtship with the equally awkward girl he met at the Valentine's Day party last week. Her name is Lucy and, during their coffee date, she does a runner out the bathroom window, leaving Raj a broken pathetic mess. Well, more broken and pathetic than he usually is, and lest you accuse me of being hard on poor Raj, those are his words, not mine! 

After spending most of the episode refusing to leave his apartment (before anyone asks... yes, I checked, and you really can buy both lobster and steak on Amazon; the real question is what on earth The Big Bang Theory writers were actually searching for on there when they found that out), Raj finally gives in and calls Lucy for another date after she gives Howard a note in which she apologizes for running. When she tries to leave again, he asks why, and she tells him that she's not good with new people but is trying to force herself to step out of her comfort zone - that's how she ended up at the party in the first place. I know that feeling well, but it still doesn't make what she did okay. Raj, however, insists that he's just as "broken and pathetic" as she is and convinces her to go out with him - and this time, he will be completely sober. I'm not a big fan of this Lucy plotline yet but if it means we get to watch Kunal Nayyar do that silent comedy he's so brilliant at, then I just may change my tune. 

Meanwhile, Penny gives Sheldon some great advice on his "Fun With Flags" show, and Amy insists he has to repay the favour by agreeing to attend a play put on by her acting class. The territory is well-trodden, but the big surprise here is that Penny is actually really good... so good that even Sheldon is somewhat impressed. If this is a sign that maybe Penny will get an actual acting job at some point this season, then I forgive the repetitiveness of the Sheldon half of the plotline, utterly and completely. 

I didn't find many laughs in this episode, to be honest. It felt like the set up for a joke, rather than the joke itself. (Raj going on a date sober could be hilarious; Penny getting actual acting work could be amazing/ripe for comedy.) Still, I'm excited about the potential it set up, so here's hoping that it follows through.

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Well, I think I'm going to call it quits for this show. The sixth season was nothing but a big disappointment and a steady degradation in quality, as far as I'm concerned. The growing offensive tone towards "geek-lifestyle" and the very intrusive character changes due to the bloody unneeded "character development" are just too much to bear.
I don't want to watch some of my most favorite characters in recent years devolve into mere shadows of themselves for the sake of some cheap potty-humour jokes. And i most certainly don't want to watch "Friends" carry on into season 7. It's enough.

I cherish my season 1-5 boxset and pretend that the show ended at that point and that season 6 is a lie.

The Bakersfield episode really broke everything apart and all my hopes for reconciliation have been destroyed ever since. A shame on those inept script-writers.

couldn't agree more. I actually think season 5 sucked pretty hard too. For the most part the female characters on the show stink and it was much, much better when everything focused on the 4 guys. I guess I should be grateful that at least they stopped Amy's bizarre lesbian come-ons towards Penny. Bernadette is a one-dimensional placard, and they turned Penny into just a bitch. The truth is that I just don't buy the whole Penny and Leonard thing. First off he works at a university where a good percentage of the population are young, single, women who actually share his interests and his intellectual capacity. Why in the world would he continue to pine after an aggressively ignorant and incurious waitress? It couldn't really be her looks could it? Because Penny isn't really all that attractive. She has a nice body yes, but if you randomly walked from one end of Cal-Tech's campus to the other you'd see at least 10-15 women who are more attractive. The whole thing with Alex brazenly coming onto him knowing he has a girlfriend is just stupid as well. I think the "Friends" comment is right on the money. Plus the formulaic laugh track driven construct is getting too much to bear especially where there is so little pay off.

Penny + 15 years=Nancy Grace...

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