The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 13 review: The Bakersfield Expedition

Review Kaci Ferrell
11 Jan 2013 - 08:07

This week, The Big Bang Theory boys do Star Trek: TNG cosplay and the girls are finally given a geeky story...

This review contains spoilers.

6.13 The Bakersfield Expedition

In this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, the boys get lost and demoralized at Vasquez Rocks and the girls get sort of geeky. Finally. 

I don't read spoilers for this show, so I honestly have had no idea as I wrote previous reviews that this episode was coming. And while I don't think it was done perfectly (I really could've lived without every guy in the comic book store staring at the ladies as they entered and then gawping at them throughout the rest of the scene), it was certainly an improvement. 

First off, we need to take a moment to address the fact that Jim Parsons looked uncanny as Data once he was in the makeup. It's not just me, right? He was eerily reminiscent of a younger Brent Spiner. (And Kunal Nayyar wasn't too shabby as Worf, either. Kudos to the makeup team this week. They really brought it with that cosplay.) 

I particularly enjoyed the way the argument snuck up on the girls; it felt very much like how similar arguments start with my friends. One minute you think you're making a totally obvious statement and the next you're digging through volume upon volume of canon trying to prove who's right. 

I would absolutely love it if the writers chose to remember that the girls had this experience; I'm not saying I want them to suddenly become non-stop obsessed because I think that would be disingenuous, but I think this definitely lays the groundwork for them to at least start enjoying a few fannish things every now and then. (Ex: next time the boys want to watch a geeky film, maybe one of the girls could enjoy it for reasons other than an off-handed comment about the attractiveness of any actors involved; that would be awesome.) 

I think the thing I enjoyed most in this episode, though, was the scene in the diner where the boys decided not to go to the con after all. Leonard isn't that hard to discourage and has a history of getting his feelings hurt easily and Howard does too (to a much lesser extent), so it's sad but understandable when the two of them want to go home. But when Sheldon, who barely has feelings at all (much less hurt ones, when it comes to his passions), says that he wants to go home, it really demonstrated just how badly what that jerk in the passing car had done had hurt them. It brought to mind a few choice memories of my own life when I felt similarly and I think it's something a lot of geeks can relate to, even if our experiences didn't involve garbage and having our car stolen. 

I really enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of moments that reminded me of my own geeky life, and I feel like this show is at its best when it can reflect experiences real-life geeks can relate to. I'm looking forward to the next episode with an eagerness that I haven't felt for this show in quite awhile.

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