The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 7 review: The Habitation Configuration

Review Kaci Ferrell
9 Nov 2012 - 09:28

A drunk Sheldon and the return of evil Wil Wheaton make this week's The Big Bang Theory a hit for Kaci. Here's her review...

This review contains spoilers.

6.7 The Habitation Configuration

I love Wil Wheaton. I loved him before Sheldon Cooper stabbed at him from Hell's heart, I loved him before he became bros with Felicia Day, and I loved him before I even knew that he hated Wesley Crusher as much as the fans did. I just love Wil Wheaton and I particularly love Evil Wil Wheaton, as he is known on this show. 

If you don't, that's completely fine. I'm just telling you up front because I love Wil Wheaton and I loved this episode a disgusting amount because of him. 

We spend most of this episode with Sheldon, and while Sheldon-centric episodes tend to be either bit hits or big misses, this one definitely works for me even if it is a rehash of the same Sheldon/Amy plotline we've seen a dozen times before. (Sheldon does something insensitive that most men would know not to do to their girlfriends! Amy gets upset! Sheldon doesn't think he should apologize and blunders about as he tries to figure out all these silly relationship rules!) 

Showing an actual sense of continuity, the writers remembered that Sheldon has a web series called Fun With Flags and for his current episode, he's bringing on Evil Wil Wheaton to talk about the flags of Star Trek. (Side bar: is he still "Evil Wil Wheaton" now that he's nice to Sheldon? Is he now just Wil Wheaton? Where did the fourth wall go and who are these people providing a laugh track?) 

Amy, acting as director for the show, decides that she finds Evil Wil Wheaton "wooden," and when he gets upset, the two have a fight. Naturally, Sheldon asks Amy to leave, and then proceeds to have what sounds like a very nice dinner with Evil Wil Wheaton. All due respect to Amy, if the reward for taking Evil Wil Wheaton's side is getting to have dinner with him... I'm taking Evil Wil Wheaton's side there, so I can't blame Sheldon one bit. 

Her anger, however, leads to Sheldon seeking out Penny for advice, which leads to Penny giving him a Long Island iced tea, which leads to hilarity. There's pretty much nothing funnier than Sheldon showing up at Evil Wil Wheaton's house drunk and trying to fight him, only to find his effort useless once Wil proves that there's no longer an Evil in front of his name by apologizing quickly and sincerely for arguing with Amy. 

And then Sheldon vomits in the bushes, taking breaks to complement Wil's acting, while Wil watches and hates his life and questions his decision to befriend his fans, probably not for the first time. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Howard finally packs up his bedroom and moves in with Bernadette once and for all, only to have her demand they go back to his mom's once he tells her a story that illustrates just how lonely Mrs. Wolowitz is. Then the show forgets it needs continuity again by ignoring the fact that she's actually not lonely presently, given that she had a paramour as of Howard's return from space. Oh, well. Baby steps, people. 

All in all, an episode that you're either going to love or hate based on whether or not you enjoy Not-So-Evil Wil Wheaton and/or a drunken Sheldon Cooper. I enjoy both of those things, and so this episode is going down as one of my favorites of the season.

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