The 100 episode 10 review: I Am Become Death

Review Caroline Preece
26 May 2014 - 16:55

Tensions mount in this week's episode of The 100. Here's Caroline's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.10 I Am Become Death

Last week’s The 100 saw the war between the hundred and the Grounders begin, and I Am Become Death was all about the fallout from that fateful bridge meeting. We begin with the return of Murphy, not looking so good after apparently spending some quality time with the enemy, and end with a desperate attempt to claw back some power with their own homemade explosive. It was the hour the show proved once and for all that it wasn’t going to be about teenagers flirting over campfires and foraging for food, but about survival in a war that isn’t remotely black and white.

Murphy’s return is set up not so unlike Benjamin Linus’ early arc on Lost, reminding us all of its inspiration not for the first time, and we’re not really invited to wonder about his potentially sinister agenda until right at the very end of the episode. Is he just getting revenge for being banished in the first place, or does his position as a weapon for the Grounders go deeper than the infection he brought into camp? We’ll likely not find out until the end of the season but, after weeks away from his character, it’s interesting to ponder what kind of hell he might be planning to bring down on the group.

Aside from whatever role Murphy is playing in things, The 100 has done a good job of establishing the enemy as a group not entirely wrong about wanting to kill our heroes. They’ve invaded their home and promised certain war once the residents of the Ark join them, so planting the Trojan horse of Murphy was an understandable move. Before attacking, they wanted to weaken our heroes and, just as it thinned the herd in terms of potential characters, it also means that our army is smaller now. No main cast members were killed by the virus, somewhat surprisingly for this show, but it’s always nice to be reminded of their lurking mortality.

Outbreaks are a fantastic way to drum up tension in a claustrophobic show like this, and having bleeding eyes as the first symptom was a nice, visual touch. Just like the dwindling oxygen supply up on the Ark, there’s now a sense of urgency to what’s happening on the ground, and the fight for survival not just against the elements but also an army much more powerful, sneaky and experienced than them will lead us quite nicely into the finale in a few weeks. The danger has pushed them to do things they wouldn’t have considered before, like building a bomb, and their willingness to go to that extreme will likely develop as things get more dire.

But danger lurking within is almost always more menacing than outside threats, and Murphy’s presence in camp could be the thing that causes most damage. Judging by the usual pace of the show, his secret might be revealed as soon as next week but, hopefully, we’re left to wonder what his true intentions are for a while yet. With the love stories seemingly cooling off just in time for an action-packed run up to the end of this first season, it’s easy to get on board with a bevy of enemies for the group to fight against. And that’s not even mentioning the hanging thread of what happened to Abby and the rest of the Ark.

See you next time for The Calm – we all know what that comes before.

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