The 100 episode 8 review: Day Trip

Review Caroline Preece
11 May 2014 - 09:15

The 100 really finds its groove with one particular pairing. Here's Caroline's review of Day Trip...

This review contains spoilers.

1.8 Day Trip

For anyone who has mispent too many hours of their lives watching primetime soaps and CW teen dramas, one thing was obvious from the start of The 100. Despite the show’s apparent dedication to the Clarke/Finn/Raven snoozefest of a love triangle, there was always only one pairing that could feel worthwhile existing alongside the mayhem surrounding these characters. As they are essentially co-leaders of the teens’ camp, Clarke and Bellamy are also joint protagonists for us as viewers to follow and invest in and, if there was going to be a bond that would work in this universe, it was theirs.

This week’s episode invested some time in developing that, as well as each of them individually. Hallucinagenic nuts are one way to get inside characters' heads, and that’s basically what Day Trip relied on to help delve into what might be preying on these haunted adolescent minds. These kids aren’t just your average high schoolers thrown into a post-apocalyptic landscape – they’re murderers and criminals that have been screwed over by their government and, with them and the Ark now completely aware of each other, those latent killer instincts are coming to the fore as things get ever more desperate.

Which is why it was so easy for Shumway to just get another of the hundred to do his bidding, after Bellamy’s use had expired and he was faced with exposure, and the prospect of unknown dangers lurking within the group itself is an interesting one. I have no idea whether we’re going to be leaving Earth at the end of this first season, or if the residents of the Ark are just going to join them, but you can’t get away from the fact that these kids were sent down to Earth because they were deemed expendable, and when the adults come home, they’re just going to be classified the same way as they were on the Ark.

The more immediate threat, however, is that of the Grounders. Lincoln has escaped with the help of Octavia and those previously mentioned hallucinagenic nuts, and that means that the hundred could be facing up to the Earth’s inhabitants, and how they reacted to Lincoln, sooner that we thought. Judging just from what we’ve seen of the guy, that’s going to be a pretty unfair fight but, with almost nothing known about their backstory, we’re probably more interested in hearing them talk than watching them fight. Have they been here all of this time? Where will their allegiances lie when the Ark starts sending people home?

As adorable as Jasper was as the hour’s comic relief, the scenes with Clarke and Bellamy were some of the best of the series so far. Bellamy could have so easily been the simple antagonist for Clarke, a watered down Locke for her Jack, but the show’s committment to not letting these characters off the hook for what they’ve done or what they’ve been through has meant that his story is the one I’ve found myself tuning in for each week. He shot the chancellor just so that he could get on the ship and protect his sister and, after learning of the 300 people who were sacrificed somewhat needlessly, it makes sense that this would be eating away at him too.

His redemption as a character works well in direct contrast to Clarke’s own shifting morality, with her attitude towards her mother and slow realisation of what being a leader might require of her, and it's with their coming together that The 100 has really found its groove. The ensemble works to an extent but, when so many of the younger characters are either underdeveloped or under-utilised, it makes sense that the story would naturally evolve this way. Clarke is at her best when she’s interacting with Bellamy, and that relationship exposes him in a completely different way than with Octavia or his lackies.

Next week we’re really going to see the Grounders become a threat but, with a kiss exchanged between Lincoln and Octavia, how will this strange Romeo and Juliet tale effect the outcome? We also can’t forget those who were banished from camp, as it’s hard to imagine they haven’t run into the Grounders themselves by now. See you next week for more bad decisions and high-stakes teenage drama!

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