Could the Supernatural spin-off still happen?

News Louisa Mellor 16 May 2014 - 07:44

The CW didn't pick up Supernatural spin-off Bloodlines, but will try again, says its president...

The 'backdoor pilot' for proposed Supernatural spin-off, Bloodlines, aired a fortnight ago on The CW. Despite decent ratings and the introduction of a bunch of new characters, the network decided not to develop the pilot further. "We had six really good pilots this year," The CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters recently, "We felt that Supernatural just didn't quite get there".

That's not to say The CW has given up on the idea of creating a Supernatural spin-off, far from it. "We want to develop once more next season, a Supernatural spin-off," said Pedowitz, "what it is and what it isn't is still in the air". Discussions are expected to continue between the creative team and the network over the next few months.

We'll bring you our ideas on which Supernatural spin-offs could work next week, and more news as it arrives.

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Really good ratings, well of course they got good ratings, all Supernatural fans and anybody else curious about the potential spin off tuned in. The feedback after viewing however seems to have been almost completely negative. How about they give us a spin off we actually want, with a character that's already been established, Samuel Colt, Charlie in Oz for example and not another CW clone show.

the ratings were decent because people tuned in to watch Supernatural. not a show about pretty boy 1% monsters in a "pilot" that was, frankly, rubs.

my idea for a supernatural spin off is much better: it follows the early hunting career of Samuel Colt and his partner John Campbell. Think Supernatural meets Deadwood.

Great news. There's enough "Vampire Diaries" type shows on the CW, we don't need another one, thanks.

Charlie in Oz (as long as it was a bit darker than for instance, Once Upon a Time), a Men of Letters or best of all, a Colt spin-off would be more up mine, and I'd imagine most Supernatural fans streets.

How about Patrick the witch from Season 5, he could go town to town and have his adventures and experiences and meet up with other supernatural beings or hunters,etc.

Honest I don't remember Patrick at all, although how you describe it seems more like the kind of show the CW would want, living/co-existing with monsters, not fighting them. Just not sure Supernatural fans would get that excited for it. Now the witches played by James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter (Donald and Maggie) from Season 7 on the other hand would definitely be something I'd tune in to watch.

I saw the Bloodlines backdoor pilot and I really wanted everyone, except the Winchesters of course, to die! I want to watch Supernatural not Twil... I mean The Vampire Diaries. If they do a spinoff then a Samual Colt western or Charlie in Oz. That last one might be tricky because of visual effects and the fact that NBC is working on a series called Emerlad City. As long as it isn't anything like Bloodlines!

Was that the guy who has sexy time with his familiar?

HAHAHA YES! Give us a worthy successor to SN, not this garbage! Bring back Bobby and have him and Sherriff Mills star in their own spin-off!

One of the worst episodes of the past 9 seasons. It was absolutely atrocious. Right up there with the stupid Dorothy/Charlie one where they kill a witch with a shoe. Seriously??

It seems the longer this show goes on the more pathetic it becomes. Don't start Bloodlines, it'll be a very bad mistake and won't be much different to the abominations known as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Enough of that garbage flooding TV these days, don't need more.

I watched the "backdoor pilot" in supernatural last night, it was naff(as expected) and only came to life when sam & dean appeared on screen,
it was like a lightweight vampire diaries/the originals/true blood knock off,
we really don't need another predominantly vampire/werewolf show.
id love to see a supernatural spin off that works, but this aint it.

Men of Letter or Young Jonh Winchester are the ideals spin-off for me!

I'd like a Charley and Dorothy in Oz spinoff. Yeah, "Slumber Party" was a weak episode, but the premise established at the end would be ripe for spinoff territory.

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