Supernatural spin-off casts its leads

News Louisa Mellor 21 Feb 2014 - 07:22

The forthcoming Supernatural spin-off, Tribes, has cast a US and UK male lead in Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount...

Supernatural isn't only approaching its whopping tenth season, but also following in the footsteps of The Vampire Diaries by spawning a spin-off series. When the news arrived that a "citified" new show would be extending the Supernatural universe in July, very little was known about the premise. Now, we've been told that Supernatural: Tribes, as it's been titled, will follow the mafia-esque monster families who run Chicago's criminal underworld and are being tracked by a new Hunter determined to clean up the city.

Casting-wise, The CW is up to its old cross-pollination tricks by putting The Vampire Diaries' and The Originals' Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) front and centre in the new show, with relative newcomer, UK actor Lucien Laviscount as his co-lead (see below, Buzolic top, Laviscount bottom). Buzolic is to play David Hayden, a shapeshifter and reformed member of Chicago's demon criminal elite. Laviscount plays Ennis Roth, a police academy trainee who becomes a Hunter. There's more than a whiff of Angel in that set-up, we'd venture.

The scripts and direction come courtesy of Supernatural' Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer, and the spin-off's backdoor pilot will air on the 29th of April as episode of Supernatural's current ninth season.


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Cant wait for it! My hopes are to be as good as Originals!

one of he key factors in supernaturals success has been the amazingly perfect lead actors, these two actors above though, are just a couple of lightweight clichéd, posh, boring, pretty boy uk ators.
p.s. I am british(and even im tired of seeing all these boring british actors getting all the best jobs on usa tv shows, uk actors are just cheap hacks)

That's a bit of a leap considering we haven't seen the spinoff yet. When Supernatural first aired I refused to watch it because it looked like a pair of pretty boy actors and that was it. When I caught part of the episode Bloody Mary in season 1 I quickly changed my tune. I don't know how great Lucien Laviscount is but Nathaniel Buzolic although a pretty face, was really great for the short time he had in The Vampire Diaries. He played the charming psychopath very well, so I'm actually looking forward to see how he does with a leading role. Also, he's Australian, not from the UK.

Hopefully this series will continue the fine tradition of strong female roles that Supernatural has become synonymous with over the last ten years.

It's a shame a lady wasn't cast as one of the main characters. I love the Winchester boys but I'd really like to see a kick ass chick on a show like this full time. Like Abi in Sleepy Hollow. Which also has a UK lead actor and I think Tom Mison does an amazing job.

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