Supernatural spin-off on its way

News Louisa Mellor 23 Jul 2013 - 06:30

The CW isn't leaving Supernatural at just nine seasons, with plans for a spin-off revealed this weekend at SDCC...

This one's at the zygotic phase right now so there's little to report except for the news that The CW is planning to extend the Supernatural franchise well beyond its forthcoming ninth season, according to executive producer Bob Singer. 

Returning for season nine this autumn, Supernatural is set to introduce a new character around episode twenty of the ninth run, who will then form the basis of the spin-off. The planted pilot strategy was used for the network's The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, starting later this year.

TV Line report that the new show is to have a "citified feel" in comparison with the Winchesters' rural demon-hunting backdrops. Less of a Batcave than a swish converted loft perhaps?

Supernatural returns to The CW on Tuesday the 15th of October.


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Sounds a bit like Angel.

Shame it's a new character because I'd love to see a Charlie Bradbury spin-off.

for a long time i have wanted to see a spin off showing the adventures of Samuel Colt, the hunter who not only created the all-killing gun, but also created the first devils gate. The guy who Sam met at the end of his career in that time travel episode a couple of seasons ago. I think that the western setting would be amazing for demon hunting, with glimpses into a version of hell that is full of flaming horses and flaming wooden frontier towns (obviously they wouldn't burn down because it is eternal flame). Colt could even have a partner who is a Campbell or a Winchester (or both, our boys can't be the first time those bloodlines have crossed). Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it is likely to happen.

My thoughts exactly - why create an entirely new character when the show already has so many cool but underused characters to choose from? Still, I'm excited to see what they come up with.

It should be interesting to see how this'll work out. Personally it makes me a bit aprehensive. Getting newcomers to watch a show that has an established mythos is always difficult and some of the fans who loved the original will inetivably hate it. It's a simply fact that spin offs with a few notable exceptions are almost never as good or as succesful as the original.

Last year the show was littered with a few eps that appeared to be attempts to create a world that could be it's own show, the only worthwhile entry was an episode by Ben Edlund featuring a young Jewish man and his Golem. That I would watch. A spin-off from Supernatural would not be easy, because as they show has progressed, it's less about the urban myths and monsters and all about the brothers - due to the amazingness of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (and sidekick Misha Collins as Castiel) I would possibly watch a series with Osric Chau (Kevin) and his mom Linda, or the Men of Letters (back in 1945) and even Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) but follow a brand-new character and set up? Eh, I'll have to be convinced.

no no no no no no Do Not Want

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