Supernatural season 8 episode 7 review: A Little Slice Of Kevin

Review Caroline Preece
16 Nov 2012 - 12:40

This week's Supernatural features a welcome return, and a hint of just what the brothers are up against this season...

This review contains spoilers.

8.7 A Little Slice Of Kevin

We’ve been waiting for a few things to happen on this season’s Supernatural; the return of Castiel and a clue as to who this year’s big bad might be. Both are touched upon in this episode, A Little Slice of Kevin, and both include Dean and Cas looking longingly at each other while Sam scurries around saving lives. It’s great to have the trio back together as, at this point, Castiel is as important a part of the team as Sam and Dean are. He doesn’t come back without his share of baggage, however, and it’ll be interesting to see how some of the seeds planted this week will grow over the season.

After a few weeks of standalone adventures, this episode’s seemingly banal case of missing people and freak weather actually ties into Kevin, Crowley, and the word of God. Unusual for a villain on a show’s eighth year, Crowley actually has a really smart plan to get what he wants, and rounds up all of the potential prophets from around the world. This means that, when he recaptures Kevin, all of the leverage he had before is gone. This means that, if Kevin doesn’t read the tablet for him, then he can just kill him and wait for the power to pass to one of the others. In the end, and after losing a couple of fingers, Kevin caves before the cavalry arrive.

Harking back to the end of season five, we get a nostalgic mention of Chuck, a prophet whom many fans (me included) had decided was actually God. If Kevin has now come into his powers, and there can only be one at a time, this either means Chuck is dead or the fan theories were, indeed, correct. I’m slightly apprehensive about him popping up again this year, since a random mention half-way through the episode would serve no purpose should he not return, as his ambiguous exit was one of my favourite things Supernatural has ever done. Anyway, with Castiel’s mysterious trip upstairs at the end of the episode, could we finally be meeting God this year?

Right now, that seems like the only way the show can progress. We’ve had demons, angels, Lucifer, heaven, hell and purgatory; why not go bigger now? I’m massively intrigued by Castiel’s new storyline, which brought us a lovely change of tone and scenery in a show usually so set in its ways, and it could potentially return the character to his former glory. Fans love Castiel and his relationship with the brothers, slash or no slash, so this new plot thread has the potential to really shake things up. With Kevin and his mother now being looking after by Garth (which was a nice tie in to last week), the show now has some time to re-establish the dynamic between Sam, Dean and Castiel.

Alongside the big reunion we get to see what really happened in purgatory. To get Benny through the gate Dean did some strange ritual to combine his friend’s body with own, presumable making him three quarters human, while Castiel tagged along behind. Dean has been acting very shifty about what happened once they reached the portal and we find out that it’s mainly because of the guilt he’s been feeling. This isn’t usually his style, but proves how much he really cares about Cas (possibly more than Sam at this point?) and shows us how his own guilt-ridden perspective actually led him to remember the incident his own way. In fact, Castiel’s own self-loathing meant he wanted to stay in purgatory, and had willingly let go of Dean’s hand.

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