Fresh hope for Stargate Universe?

News Simon Brew 20 Jan 2011 - 07:32

Could work be underway to earn Stargate Universe a reprieve, and get it a season three commission? A sliver of hope has emerged…

Syfy has fallen off the Christmas card lists of many people, it seems, following its decision to cancel both Caprica and Stargate Universe over the past few months.

But while the fate of Caprica is sealed, with no chance of a reprieve in the offing, there might just be an olive branch for fans of Stargate Universe.

We're only talking slight chances here, but one of the show's producers, Joseph Mallozzi, has been talking about the cancellation of the show on his blog.

Specifically, after chatting about working with visual effects supervisor, Mark Savela, Mallozzi wrote:

"I was in the office yesterday to watch the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt. Great stuff!  Anyway, while there, I talked to Brad [Wright, executive producer]. Needless to say, he's been working hard to ensure we all get the opportunity to work with Mark in 2011. Nothing definite as of yet to report but a minor hurdle was cleared. Quite a few hurdles still lie ahead and there's always the chance it might all be for naught - but right now, things are looking positive."

This is clearly a long way from anything concrete, but there are solid hints there that work is ongoing to try and earn Stargate Universe a third season. We wonder if that means shopping the show to more science fiction friendly networks than Syfy, perhaps someone like Starz?

It's all speculation at this point, clearly, but it does seem that there's at least a sliver of hope for a Stargate reprieve. We'll keep you posted of any further news.

Joseph Mallozzi blog

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as an avid sg franchise fanatic i was completely gutted that sgu was canned in the way it was at the end of series 2. it seems bizarre to have developed the destiny as a ship following behind other anchient ships that seeded stargates, which could have unearthed a whole new understanding of the anchients(sorry for crappy spelling its late lol) as the destiny went on its way. my only critisism of the writing for season two was that it was a little too slow a burn. granted other syfi franchises have struggled aka ds9  when dealing with such a fixed ship such as destiny being lost billions of miles away. ok lost is a stretch as destiny knew where it was going. also how the ships technology was so slowly unearthed leads to assume that this was planned to have many sequel spin offs. how the series was concluded is an utter nonsense. sat in cyro tubes doing what...ok the series may not have the slickness of sg1, or the wraith as a protagonist in sg atlantis. should a series bomb and be a financial blackhole to the networks i believe that they should be duty bound to the fans to bring a tv movie to tie up and conclude a brand, if thats as far as they want to go with it. just because something doesnt fully resonate with the american audiences doesnt mean a network cant recoup and profit from selling rights to the rest of the world, merchandising and dvd/blu ray sales. too many good shows are left with no wrap up and are open ended for recovery at the whim of network chiefs. enterprise canned before its time. no proper passing on of the flame, sarah connor chronicles shelved just as it was gathering pace, sgu a moody intellegent and dark take of the franchise has so many directions where it could develop. i want to see what the ship has hidden, i want to see the journey and story to ascending openned up. the series makes reference to supernatural events occuring such as being led to the lime for the air scrubbers series 1 air. i dont know what the answer is to wrapping up the destiny's story, i just feel so much hasnt been seen both on the ship and the worlds yet to come where it is clear that ascending was starting to become something rush was searching for and starting to get answers via his link to the chair. resident evil released a cgi stand alone movie. surely the fans, and rush as a character needs to have his answers. even if that means them getting home and rush being left to ascend in a dying destiny. destiny starts to disintergrate as the lights come on for his ascention. there could be plot twists with the asguard wanting to ascent and anchients stopping them genetically fom taking that step thus why they clone themselves, and the excellent humanised replicators. who is to say that a replicator mother ship didnt get outside of the earth type stargate system and thus got away from the weapon that made them cease to exist. and the guaould, the best baddies in modern syfi...the vision for plot development is mind boggling and the networks should have a duty to their viewers to conclude these canned franchises. it is a pity that advertisers and subscribers didnt show a bit of fan loyalty an pull their funding. dont support fans and viewers. cool ok, go out of business network heads need to roll. they sign up to a mature brand and mass fan base they should have a contingency to bring things to a natural end. and not just pull it and leaving fans going wtf thats just warming up.......
please please please, just do the right thing and end stories properly. and bring sense to a story that needs a 3rd short series to get the destiny crew home, or kill them or dump em on a planet i dont know rush is just such a great complicated and ruthless character that is missing in a show. and he is there stuck frozen, just as he was getting answers and destiny was giving up some of its purpose....bring back sgu rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I cannot express how angry I was (and still am) that SyFy killed SGU and likely the franchise. They should never have been given the broadcast rights - it's a s*** channel anyway IMO. If I seriously met the guy that made the call, I wouldn't be able to hold myself back from smacking the bastard.

syfy is really doing my head in cancerling shows in my opinoin they should be stripped off the air and replaced bt a new chanel

SG is the best SyFy out there it has a great story to it....The show must go on !!!

syfy suck and i purposely don't watch the channel out of spite! terrible demise to a great show / franchise with sky high potential. there are only so many times you can abuse your main fan-base before they would rather stop pay tv and go to other means. Internet TV is loving the shift from your network to theirs. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i MAY watch syfy again.

Upon notice of SGU cancelling I cancelled my cable permanently, and I urge more of you to do the same I only invest my time and money in purchasing dvd's of a show that make it past season 5, any less not worth my time to invest in a show.
Sick of these executives dictating to us what should and should not be pop culture.

Syfy have some good shows but non were as good as SGU, i miss the destiny and its accidental crew, syfy are a bunch of dicks, jerks and bastards for cancelling it and should really bring it back, I mean come on barely anyone actually watches there films cos there all the same films just with different names so youll watch them over and over again, there's only a town called eaureka and sancuary that i actually watch on there, the syfy channel wont get any more people viewing there channel unless they bring back SGU.

Hi all, I agree with all of you tv is a waist of time i now find myself not being able to sit and get into a series on the off chance it will get axed V Terra Nova SGU the list goes on why the hell even bother all I can is shame on you theres a huge under ground of hard core fans and you missed the boat... GOD BLESS FX and falling skies

i dont know if this will help but we can write to this ppl for some hope

when i first seen sgu i really didnt care for it that much im a major fan of star gate and atlantis. sgu was kind of a let down it seemed like star trek enterprise which seemed more about light t and a than a story line to keep you interested but as i watched it on netflix i grew to really like it just like star trek enterprise i didnt like how it ended for either one of them at all it sucked.
i hope it comes back soon

I just watched the entire series on Netflix and I think it's a fantastic piece of Sci-Fi. I honestly had never heard of the show and the only reason I started watching it was the Netflix suggested it. The SyFy channel must not have marketed the series right or something. I hope another network will pick this up because it's too good not to have the story continued. Cheers.

I wish they would get this show back. but i doubt it. tv today is about one thing: money. there were times when the networks would have given a show a good fighting chance to get fans on board, and get the buzz, but in this day and age, they just order 8 episodes and when it doesnt work well, you who did watch it can go to hell. you would have at least think that they would have the decency to close the show, like they did with awake, but at this point, if it doesnt make money then its gone. hope someone up there will wake up and stop being selfish and at least consider the feelings of those who do watch it!

In order to have a show that focuses on a group of people who are going to be generally more technologically involved they need to give this off to Netflix, or someone who can post this show online and stream it live as well. Cable TV is on it's death bed. Especially with shows that target audiences like us. Everything I watch it on my PC. Things have to change, and will be forced too probably not even 15 years from now.

Things like Netflix, Hulu, and the upcoming of google fiber are killing of cable TV

just watched this on amazon prime for the first time and I am asking myself wth was syfy thinking cancelling this show its a great show and I for one have not had enough of it it seems lately every time there is a good show channels like this with no knowledge of what they have or how to operate its market very well just throw it away

SGU had the potential to have the best ending out of all SG series. And each galaxy they traveled through had countless number of possible enemies to fight off. I loved SG-1 and SG Atlantis but the end was always going to be SG team defeating the bad guys. SGU were in search for something the ancients discovered and i really wanted to know what that was. syfy suck

I really thought it was good, thats coming from someone who never liked all the other versions.

One does not simply cancel the best syfy show ever. And not with that ending of season 2! We all need to work together to be able to win back the right to a third season of S.G.U

I'm really disappointed at SyFy. How can they have so many B-series and cancel the one good show I REALLY like. It's like so sad...

to be honest it's as much MGM's fault as syfy's. MGM no longer wanted it and are selling it off to someone who does wanna show it.

I hate that they killed SG-1 I Loved all 10 seasons and I really wish there was more but like all the cool space shows out there they just have to end them sucks but what can we do about it , nothing , money talk bullshit walks right?

SGU was axed for the sole reason it was being spammed all over youtube on the day it was broadcast... youtube is a free to watch network and they cant make these programmes for free. You only have to look at the hits they have to see potential lost revenue...the ones who put it there are to blame and youtube should be sued for every hit it had.

Id buy u a drink if u did

How crap no ending that's too many good programs cancelled on SYFY I wont even bother with that channel again !!

They did a great job, SGU was the best of the whole Stargate series, it's just grown up - you apparently didn't

Why cant they just bring it back on another channel? who cares which channel just make it happen for f** sake

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