Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3 episode 3 review: Supply Lines

Review Cameron K
27 Sep 2010 - 06:54
The Clone Wars: Supply Lines

A bogged down episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that's some way from the show's best...

3.3 Supply Lines

After the serious tone and drama of the opening two episodes comes a more light-hearted affair, as Senator Bail Organa and Jar Jar Binks take a trip to Toydaria in hope of securing aid for the planet Ryloth, which is under attack from the Separatists.

Hmm, I can see I've lost you already.

To further confuse matters, Supply Lines is a prequel to season one opener, Ambush (reviewed here), and, in a short time, this episode gets bogged down in talk of neutrality, negotiations, treaties, blockades and the Trade Federation. It's a bit of a snooze fest.

If you don't get slightly irked by the word "chummy" coming from the gob of Bail Organa (voiced by the talented Phil LaMarr, Futurama's Hermes), then you'll certainly find something to shout/text/blog/Facebook/Twitter about when you see Jar Jar juggling. A gross misjudgement.

I should point out that I have no real beef with the Binkster, but almost every time he speaks in this episode, with Ahmed Best back on vocal duties, you really wish he wouldn't.

But there is some good in Supply Lines. Jedi Master Di (pictured) gets to display true Jedi heroism on Ryloth with his Clone buddies but, for a second week in a row, we see the true price of valor.

One hopes that this is but a mere blip for The Clone Wars and I guess after two very strong episodes that I can turn a blind eye. Just don't let it happen again...!

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