Details of the unmade Star Wars: Underworld series surface

News Rob Leane
12 Jun 2014 - 09:13

Plot details, character info and more has arrived for the cancelled Star Wars series…

In the world of science-fiction telly, a cancelled series to rally behind is nothing new. But this one is a bit different, not least because it was effectively cancelled before it had even begun.

New information about George Lucas and Rick McCallum’s long-planned Star Wars: Underworld live action series, which never filmed an episode and has seemingly been dropped (at least for now) in the Disney takeover, suggests it may well have been a real treat for fans.

Stephen Scaia, a writer for the doomed series, recently dropped some big hints about the show on a Kickstarter page for his current Indiana Jones project. ‘How Han met Chewie’ is one of the biggest teases, as well as a potential Boba Fett action sequence and 'Lando losing the Millennium Falcon' being mentioned as potential plot points. Sounds very interesting indeed.

Budgetary restrictions are often cited as the problem which stopped the project going further forward (basically, they needed the effects industry to catch up, and become cheaper), but Disney is unlikely to have immediate plans for resurrect it, given that it's juggling a bunch of movie projects. Maybe one day, though...


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