Details of the unmade Star Wars: Underworld series surface

News Rob Leane 12 Jun 2014 - 09:13

Plot details, character info and more has arrived for the cancelled Star Wars series…

In the world of science-fiction telly, a cancelled series to rally behind is nothing new. But this one is a bit different, not least because it was effectively cancelled before it had even begun.

New information about George Lucas and Rick McCallum’s long-planned Star Wars: Underworld live action series, which never filmed an episode and has seemingly been dropped (at least for now) in the Disney takeover, suggests it may well have been a real treat for fans.

Stephen Scaia, a writer for the doomed series, recently dropped some big hints about the show on a Kickstarter page for his current Indiana Jones project. ‘How Han met Chewie’ is one of the biggest teases, as well as a potential Boba Fett action sequence and 'Lando losing the Millennium Falcon' being mentioned as potential plot points. Sounds very interesting indeed.

Budgetary restrictions are often cited as the problem which stopped the project going further forward (basically, they needed the effects industry to catch up, and become cheaper), but Disney is unlikely to have immediate plans for resurrect it, given that it's juggling a bunch of movie projects. Maybe one day, though...


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They wouldn't have needed to throw more effects and money at it if the writing was strong. Just look at Firefly, the closest thing we got to a live action Star Wars TV show, and likely better than anything that might have been produced by Lucasfilm.

As always, casting would be the biggest bitch, I think. Unless they could 'Gladiator' a young Hazza Ford's face onto another actor's body.

I wouldn't be suprised if we saw these plot points picked up in a Han solo film, with Bradley Cooper filling in as a younger Harrison ford.

That doesn't sound interesting at all - just rehashing history points from three characters that we already know. Might as well make it a show called "How I Met Your Wookiee".

I mean, seriously - what would make this interesting? We all know Chewie owns Han his life. So does it really matter how exactly somebody tried to kill him? They're smugglers. We know that Lando lost the Falcon in a card game - are you going to show us a five episode epic sabacc show-off? We know how that turns out. And a Boba Fett action sequence? Meh. Sounds only like a recipe for trouble - adding in connections to a character which Han and Chewie probably only met on the original trilogy for the first time.

Naw. Daft. Good riddance.

Yeah, but they had no aliens and no "planet of the week". Also - normal clothes. They didn't need the budget because they made wise decision where to save it. Star Wars' draw has always been the galaxy far, far away - and you need a budget to show it.

I disagree, too many wacky CG aliens and 'planet of the week' would have been a bad move.

What you describe is the draw of the movies certainly, but this show would have worked better playing to TVs strength. Smaller stories set in the grimy underworld of Tatooine or the more run down parts of urban planets like Coruscant could have made an excellent show. Firefly is an ideal template for what a great Star Wars TV show around smugglers etc should be like.

I wish I could have seen the emotional episode, 'One Man and His Rancor'

Bradley Cooper...? I doubt it very much, he is older than Harrison was in A New Hope.

While I was very enthusiastic for this series, as I am all things Star Wars, I'm kind of glad it was bypassed. While we knew some of these events would probably be seen one day, I think they would be more effective on the big screen.

I would argue that Bradley Cooper has a fresher face and more youthful charisma than Ford at a similair age , but he might be suited to a younger Indy instead. Logistically speaking Cooper would already have starred in a Disney owned space franchise (without being visible as himself). So the links would be there...

Channing Tatum for Han and Mos Def for Chewie. Remember, I called it.

Maybe one day the series will be made, after all the scripts are already there. The question is what channel would air it. Believe me, when those Halo shows break big then Lucasfilm/Disney might find a way. I also think that the succes of those shows might bring us Incursion from Starz closer than 2017.

Hmm, yes, but there are rumours that he is going to be cast as Indiana Jones for new movies. If so the jump to Han Solo isn't far off.

It frustrates me how 95% of the Star Wars material out there (and 100% of the material considered canon) focuses on a handful of characters, set over a period of less than a century. Talk about being blinkered.
Apparently this space-faring civilisation has existed for over 200,000 years in its recognisable form, and spans AN ENTIRE FRIGGING GALAXY. There are literally countless stories to tell, and apart from the TOR games we've had 6 movies, dozens of games, tons of stories, hundreds of comics all focusing on this teeny-tiny 60-80 year period of general flim-flammery.
I get that the creators want to use recognisable characters and settings, but how about some daring, some real creativity? There's a galaxy out there. Let's go blow some different parts of it up.

Sounds like they recycled those plot points into the standalone movies, so it may not be a total wash. Except for the fact that no one asked for standalone movies.

Ford was around the same age BC is now when he first played Indy so that is easy to understand, but seriously, BC is 5 years older than Ford when he first played Han Solo... He's never going to play the young Han.

Channing Tatum for every thing!

He's really turned himself round in the past year with some cracking films in which he gave some great varied performances

cancleed ha whats new

If you want a young Han Solo the role should really go to Anthony Ingruber. The guy does an amazing impression of HF and is playing the younger version of him in a film called Adaline.

As much as I would have enjoyed a SW series I would have preferred something with a bit more originality. The 1313 game looked like it had promise for the stills I'd seen and a series based around some of the seedier aspects of the galaxy/ edge of the empire type things could have brought something a little different to the SW galaxy.

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