Is this the storyline for an early Star Wars: Underworld episode?

News Ryan Lambie
1 Feb 2012 - 17:20
George Lucas

Potential spoilers ahoy, as rumours emerge about the nature of one of the early episodes of the long-in-the-works Star Wars: Underworld TV series…

Stories about a live-action TV series set in the Star Wars universe have been floating around the web for ages, and the fresh news, earlier this month, that it had a working title (Star Wars: Underworld) led to hopes from some quarters that such a series may one day arrive on our television boxes.

Yesterday, a new and rather strange rumour surfaced, first at Ain’t It Cool, and then picked up by the good people at Bleeding Cool (it goes without saying, by the way, that you should probably stop reading if you don't want any part of Star Wars Underworld's plot spoiled for you).

According to an unnamed source (who may or may not be reliable), one of the early episodes of the series may involve time travel – and the story owes a certain debt to The Terminator or Soldier, the Harlan Ellison-penned Outer Limits episode that inspired James Cameron in the first place.

The episode will involve a “group of bandits” who travel back in time to “stop Darth Vader ever existing”. As Bleeding Cool points out, this might not necessarily mean the bandits will attempt to kill Vader when he’s clad in black and struggling to breathe properly – they may head back further in time to kill Senator Palpatine, or even Anakin Skywalker while he was yet a boy.

If this proves to be the case, I wonder if they could spare the time to bump off Jar Jar Binks while they’re in the vicinity? We live in hope.

More news on this rumour as we get it. Assuming no one from the future comes and murders us before we can tell you about it, that is.

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