Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lost Missions trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 26 Feb 2014 - 06:58

Here's the full trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars season six, aka The Lost Missions...

A fortnight ago, it was announced that the US and Canadian branches of streaming service, Netflix, had acquired the rights to the entire back catalogue of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including the unaired season six "lost missions" episodes.

Now comes the first full trailer for season six, and what a trailer it is. Action, lightsabers, Yoda, voices from the beyond, the whole kit and kaboodle. See for yourself below:


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Hope they don't make us wait long for the dvd and bluray.

I just shown this trailer to my little boy and I've never seen such a look of genuine excitement on a kid's face in my life!!! He was devastated when it ended after season 5 and now it's back for one more run!!! Roll on Netflix, it looks great. We can look out our lightsabres again and sit back and bask in the best Star Wars offshoot in years.

Such a shame Disney have decided to end this. The new Rebels series does not look promising as a replacement.

just watched the first 4 episodes of s6 written by Katie Lucas and they are totally awesome! I forgot how much i loved this show.

All the Season 6 episodes are excellent (even the ones with Jar-Jar are, at least, very entertaining), but those first episodes have to be my favourites. It's a testament to the quality of the show when I know what the outcome will be and still feel somewhat devastated at the tragic turn of events (Fives's fate, the 'innocence' of the Clones despite their future actions and the end of the Domino Squad we got to know not so long ago).

It also reminded me of why I'll miss the show and how much of a shame it is Season 6 never got completed, though it is quite the miracle we got to see something of it at all, and that that something actually had stories which tackled significant issues in the Clone Wars (Sif-Diyas, Order 66). Thankfully, just enough of Darth Maul's return was drawn up by the show's creators that they've strived to give it to us as a comic.

With the team moving on to 'Rebels', they also have the opportunity to revisit old characters if their story allows it (Captain Rex and any of the surviving clones could easily show up as stormtroopers).

So maybe 'The Clone Wars' didn't end on the best note (but at least it got farther than others like it), but at least it's still not all bad. I'm looking forward to 'Son of Darthomir', for starters, and to what else the show's creators will bring to the 'Star Wars' universe.

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