New look at Kit Harington in the Spooks movie

News Louisa Mellor 23 May 2014 - 07:01

See Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington run across a London rooftop in this early image from the Spooks movie...

Fans of Kit Harington running were well served by the recently released Pompeii, and it looks as though more bouncing-haired action is coming their way in the currently filming Spooks movie, Spooks: The Greater Good.

Here's an early set photo showing the Game Of Thrones actor negotiating his way along a London rooftop, gun-in-hand, channelling the Bauers and Bournes of the thriller genre. We hardly recognised Jon Snow in civvies, without frost in his beard and an enormous wolf by his side.

Harrington plays Will Crombie in the film, due out later this year, with Spooks long-timer Peter Firth back in the role of Harry Pearce, joined by Jennifer Ehle, Tuppence Middleton and more. The official (somewhat spoiler-y, we estimate) synopsis is as follows:

"Terrorist Adam Qasim escaping from MI5 custody during a routine handover – with head of counterterrorism, Harry Pearce, blamed. When Pearce disappears one night off a bridge into the Thames, his protégé Will Crombie is called in to help uncover a conspiracy which stretches from Vietnam to the Mediterranean."


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He looks all wrong without a sword.


He knows nothing

So basically the only remaining character from the tv show returns and
is offed in the first few minutes. Yes that seems quite an appropriate
conclusion to Spooks.

Will this be like Mission impossible? You kill off any links with the series in the first instalment then just do what they like?

From the synopsis I'm guessing he's not really dead and will pop up alive later on in the film.

Look at his little legs. They're like T-rex arms in skinny jeans.

Tuppence is a ridiculous name.

You know nothing, Will Crombie

*edit I feel no shame in being beaten by RichieC

Using a coin slang like Tuppence might be unusual but it's not that bad, but then I've always preferred Thrupenny bits.

Of course. He's the indestructable Harry Pierce after all. The only one who made it through all 10 seasons of Spooks without being blown up, having his throat slashed or having his head shoved down a deep fryer.

Don't get me wrong: I love Spooks but that show can toss a coin with Game of Thrones in how many of it's main characters it killed off during it's run. Which makes it all the more funny Kit Harrington was cast in the lead role for the movie. Hope he lasts as long as Jon Snow does so far.

i wouldnt give this the time of day without Harry, glad theyre doing right by the roots of the show. Cant wait to see it on a big screen, my late mum and I loved the show.

He's still hot!

Oh dear, sorry but Kit Harington is NOT leading man material. He was so bland in Pompeii

They could at least have changed his hair and beard for this film. This photo looks like a super-imposed head on a contemporary body. I hope he doesn't fall foul of Jack Bauer while he's running around London, the plot sounds just like something he'd be getting mixed up in.

A very wide berth is what this will receive from me. Kit Harrington is about as good an actor as I am. Although much better looking, admittedly.

Tuppence Beresford, along with her Husband Tommy, were characters in a series of Agatha Christie novels from 1922 onwards. Soon to be a BBC series with David Walliams.

Other similar names include Euros Lyn (director on Doctor Who) and Penny Lancaster (model).

It seems that Tuppence can also be an olden days nickname for a lady who charges two old pence!

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