Next season of Spartacus will be its last

News Louisa Mellor 5 Jun 2012 - 09:59

Starz has announced that season 3 of swords, sandals, and sex show Spartacus will be its last outing

A showrunner and a network chief closing the doors on an increasingly popular series because they want to let “the needs of the storytelling supersede any business concerns”? If that is indeed the reason Starz is calling time on Spartacus after its upcoming third season, then hallelujah. It’s an answered prayer for many a fan frustrated by the cash-related flogging of long-dead telly horses, even if it means waving goodbye to the show’s bloody action.

Despite the series steadily growing its audience, going from 0.66 million US viewers for Blood and Sand’s season premiere, to a steady 1.45 million for Vengeance’s finale, the next outing will be its last. The series will bow out after its third season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, due to premiere in January 2013.

Spartacus creator Steven DeKnight promises that War of the Damned will be “one stunningly epic season that will be extremely satisfying for everyone who’s been along for the ride”. DeKnight cited the difficulties following the untimely death of original star Andy Whitfield as a contributing factor in the decision to put the show to bed.

So that’s it then, 10 more hours of Spartacus are due, after which point fans will have to look elsewhere to fill their weekly quota of nudity, blood, and violence. They shouldn’t have to wait too long though; Game of Thrones is back next April.


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My first thought was oh no, but thank god they are not going to drag it out. Blood and Sand was superb. Gods of the Arena was superb. Vengeance was awesome!!! I just hope they can tell the full story in 10 episoes

Shame. It was genuinely innovative, well-made, brilliantly scripted, and expanded the envelope of TV productions beyond its previous limitations. It also featured Lucy Lawless.... I would like to suggest that the studio's next project should be re-shooting the entire Xena series using the same methods, the same writers, the same Lucy Lawless, the same type of effects and the same no-nonsense gratuitous nudity. YES!!!

Does the prequel not count as a series? I'm itching to be a pedantic arsehole but daren't for fear of looking stoopid.

Sod it, I'll be a pedant. The next series will be the fourth not third.

Ageing Hippy - I totally agree with you on the Xena remake with Lucy Lawless!!! She still looks hot enough to carry it off and the update on sex and violence would work well with the grown up fans.  Xena and Gabrielle could finally get it on!!!  Come on Rob Tapert sort it now please after all its good to keep the wife working!!!

If the last episode doesn't end with the "I'm Spartacus" scene I will be severely disappointed.

No, Gods of the Arena is NOT counted as one of the seasons, but instead as a spin-off mini-series.


It's not that I want 27series of ever diminishing quality, its just I felt that Spartacus has/had at least another two series in it... Namely being Spartacus' adventures to being pinned in the boot of Italy and then another series on his run for the Alps before turning to face the legions of Rome once too often.

All I can hope is that Starz has something else up its sleeves to replace Spartacus with, Camelot had promise but it suffered form its lack of intense drama when compared to the not so long finished Gods of the Arena and was utterly dwarfed in scale and vision when it went head to head with Game of Thrones. Which was a shame as the show had some promise but.... I just hope Starz can keep my bloodlust satisfied post Spartactus.

Honestly, I won't mind too much. I've not warmed to the new Spartacus, while Crixus has turned into a wide-eyed, neutered puppy!

That said, it certainly did shake things up when it started and I hope it goes out with a bang.

I read on another site that Jesus will be heavily featured in the final series. He joins Spartacus' gang and teaches them how to make furniture that they can hide in when the Romans are looking for them.

but what about the spin off Disney cartoon series. Does that count?

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