New Sherlock will be ‘devastating’ says Steven Moffat

News Rob Leane
27 Aug 2014 - 07:39

Steven Moffat hints at tear-inducing Sherlock series 4 plans…

Although Sherlock series three may not have been a fan favourite, in certain corners of the internet at least, it was more than successful enough to secure as many future episodes as Moffat and Gatiss can write.

"We have a plan to top it — and actually I do think our plan is devastating," said Moffat of how the new series will compare to the last.

"We practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them the plan. Honestly, Mark and myself are so excited with what we've got coming up, probably more excited than we've ever been about Sherlock."

Pressed to discuss air-dates, Moffat used his trademark question-avoiding skills (and sarcasm): "When they go out is up to the BBC. And I am their loyal servant. I simply do what they ask me."

On the future of the show, namely whether such an all-star cast will continue to assemble, he simply said that "what's happening with Sherlock is unusual". He did add, however, that "We will keep coming back to it."

More news on Sherlock series four as we hear it.


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