Sherlock: The Sign Of Three trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 2 Jan 2014 - 09:52

John Watson is getting married. What could go wrong? Er, lots. Here's the episode trailer for Sherlock: The Sign Of Three...

"Let's play murder"

All change please, all change. Tidy away your angle-of-impact calculating protractors and rooftop fall solution flip charts, as another episode of Sherlock, with its own mysteries, will soon be upon us.

This one, The Sign Of Three, comes written by Stephen Thompson (The Reichenbach FallThe Blind Banker) and directed by Colm McCarthy (Ripper StreetDoctor Who), and takes place around the wedding of John Watson and the wonderful Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington). 

The Sign Of Three airs on BBC One on Sunday the 5th of January at 9pm.


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lets hope this breaks the trend of the middle sherlock being a duffer

this show has a singular wit. the episode looks like it will be hilarious.

When was the middle Sherlock ever a duffer? The Blind Banker was a very well done adaptation of The Sign of Four and an excellent mysery in it's own right and last years Hound of the Baskervilles was a very good modern take on the infamous classic novel.

As I said to a friend; seems very Agatha Christie.

Compared to the other two episodes of each series, the middle one tends to be 'the duffer.' Both The Blind Banker and The Hounds of Baskerville had pacing problems, dragging a little in the middle, and the scripts felt far less urgent compared to the more arc heavy opening and closing episodes.
If Sherlock had seasons that were about 10 episodes long, these episodes wouldn't stick out so much, but compared to the outstanding premiers and finales they tend to feel alittle flat.


Feels like Doctor Who.

Actually The Blind Banker is one of my favourite episodes of the series. But what you're saying goes for all tv shows. The first and final episode(s) are always the best and somewhere in the middle are the slightly weaker episodes. With crime procedurals like for instance Silent Witness you get the slightly riveting cases in the middle and with serials like Game of Thrones the pace slows down a bit and fewer big developments occur per episode like was evindent in last season where almost nothing really important happened in eps 6 and 7.

Agreed. Both the setting for the murder in a confined space and judging from the trailer the big revelation who the killer is with all the suspects present screams Poirot to me. Which is never a bad thing.

This episode actually looks really cool.

Actually you are wrong about Game of Thrones, episodes 6 and 7 tend to have quite a few big developments: Season 1 has the death of Viserys, Dany claiming power for herself and Ned challenging Cersie about the parenting of her children, Robert's death and Joffery coming to power before arresting Ned.
Series 2: has Dany's dragons being kidnapped, Theon claiming Winterfell and the apparent killing of Bran and Rickon, Jon capturing Yigrette and being broken off from the Nights Watch and the people of Kings Landing rising up slightly against the Lannisters (with Tyrion slapping Joffery.)
Season 3 has the Wildings climbing the Wall and entering Westeros, Robb getting the order from the Freys about Lord Walder's requested apology, Tywin confronting Joffery about ruling, the entire 'bear and the maiden fair' sequence between Jaime and Brienne and Dany arriving at Yukai and preparing the seige.
The drop in GoT is rather around episodes 3 and 5 of the series', while from 5 onwards build towards the big events occuring in episode 9 and episode 10 shows the fallout before setting the stage for the next series.

But yes the middle drop, as a general rule, occurs in most shows which is why I referred to it in Sherlock. Unlike most shows Sherlock only has 3 episodes, so it makes the middle drop more apparent (and given that there are only 3 episodes they should be able to avoid the middle drop all together, yet these middle episodes are still seen generally as the weakest of the each season.)

I was merely referring to last season where eps 6 and 7 were really the point where things slowed down. Just check various reviews and you'll see that eps 6 and 7 get the lowest ratings and people remark on the pace slowing down to a crawl. The only two significant events in eps6 and 7 are imo the climbing of the Wall and the Bear scene. Contrary eps 4 and 5 were after ep9 the most shocking and action packed. We got Mormont's death and Daenerys destroying Astapor in ep4 and the fight between Beric and the Hound, the wole Karstark businness and Jon and Ygritte getting together in ep5. I do agree with you on season 1 though. Very little of note happe=end in eps 3 to 5. I remember watching ep5 and wondering if this brilliant show just started out strong but was going to meander on and on from there, But then ep6 came and all was well with the world. In season 2 I would say the pace slowed down a bit around eps 5 and 6. Some interesting stuff happened in ep6 but they weren't as storyfocussed and action packed as eps2, 3 and 4. I also thought the season 2 premiere "The North Meanders" was lousy but I don't think that was intentional on the wirters part.

I cant work out who is stood next to Sherlock when the photos are being taken, any help?

Yeah, I'm really excited for this episode :)

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