Limited edition Sherlock fan boxset announced

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2013 - 13:49

BBC Worldwide announces a special boxset for Sherlock fans, limited to 3000 units...

With Sherlock series 3 set to begin on January 1st 2014, BBC Worldwide has something special up its sleeve for the disc release. Sherlock series 3 is arriving on DVD and Blu-ray on January 27th 2014, and is up for pre-order now. But it's also producing a very limited run of 3000 individually numbered fan boxsets, that we suspect are likely to be really rather popular.

In each box will be all three series of Sherlock on disc (DVD and Blu-ray versions are available), as you might expect. Then there's also a copy of an episode script from the first series, penned by Steven Moffat. You'll get a special letter from a "popular returning character", and a soft touch A6 size notebook.

Behind the scenes footage from Sherlock series 3 is also included, although we'd imagine that's on the regular disc release too.

In posh packaging too, the special boxset is selling for £64.99 for the Blu-ray version, and £62.99 for the DVD. This limited set is exclusive to the BBC shop.

You can find the pre-order link for the DVD here, and the Blu-ray here.

Here's what the set looks like...

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It's so pretty!
I have the first two series in DVD, but I'm seriously considering buying the blu-ray limited edition just because of the looks...
The only things that bothers me is that, if (or as far as I know when) series 4 happens... If they release ANOTHER limited edition... It's endless. They shouldn't release limited edition sets until after a show is 100% done.

Don't - Season 4 is apparently the last season and will the box-set of all for seasons will feature a lot more stuff.

I doubt they even know what they're doing with Series 4 yet... don't listen to internet babble.

Hello from California (USA). Apparently, "That country is not available for delivery."

Sherlock is pure crap. Steven Moffat's writing and producing on it is really the pits.

No. Don't rush it to DVD. Take your time and give us some goddamn extras. Series 2 was released about a week after broadcast, so there was nothing on the second disc. I'd rather wait six months and pay big bucks for a decent offering, thanks.

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