New Sherlock series 3 behind the scenes pictures

News Louisa Mellor 19 Sep 2013 - 16:15

The BBC has released a few official glimpses behind the scenes at Sherlock series 3...

Filming on series three of Sherlock now complete, we're currently mired in the long wait until broadcast. Expected to air in early 2014, three new episodes of the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss-created detective drama are on their way. First up there's The Empty Hearse, then comes The Sign of Three, then His Last Vow. Take a look at a few official behind-the-scenes images from filming below:

(A couple of these new shots seem ripe for a caption competition, don't they? If only we weren't far too sophisticated and urbane for those kind of shenanigans...)

Sherlock series three is expected to air on the 1st of January 2014.


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Challenge accepted...

That poor blonde beauty thinks she's holding the umbrella for Chris Hemsworth ....

No Martin you're a supporting actor in this show, you will not be getting big gigs from this, Now take off the coat and don;t get in Benedict's way!

She looked bored out of her mind...
Was probably expecting Anthony Hopkins

It may be expected to air on 1 Jan 14, but my money is still on an air date of 22 Dec, as it'd finish on Sun 5 Jan (1 day before the DVD release date) based on the fact that most BBC DVDs are released a day after the last episode has aired (such as White Queen, What Remains, etc).

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