Why you should watch tonight's Sherlock repeat until the very end

News Louisa Mellor
2 Aug 2013 - 12:10

The BBC has advised us that you need to stay tuned to this evening's Sherlock repeat, The Reichenbach Fall, until the very end...

Guess what's just shot up to Geek towers in our Brazil-style pneumatic post tube? A photograph, and a message from the BBC, urging you not to miss this evening's BBC One repeat of The Reichenbach Fall, and to pay attention until "the very end".

What do we think will be revealed at the episode's close? We already know the series three episode titles (The Empty HearseThe Sign Of ThreeHis Last Vow), we've met Sherlock's new adversary, Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen)... All that's left surely, is an air date, or a glimpse at the new episodes?

Here's the image and the message in full:

"Don't miss the repeat of The Reichenbach Fall tonight 8:30pm on BBC One - our advice - keep watching to the very end!"

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