Sherlock series 3 episode title hidden in BBC repeats

News Louisa Mellor
5 Jul 2013 - 09:45

One word from the title of Sherlock's series 3 finale will be revealed during each BBC One series 2 repeat, starting tonight...

In a cunning display of cunning, the BBC has chosen to channel the - excuse the cliché, but it's the only apt adjective in this instance - feverish anticipation of Sherlock's third series to give their repeats of series two (starting tonight, Friday the 5th of July, on BBC One at 8.30pm with A Scandal in Belgravia) a push.

The Beeb has set up a word-based scavenger hunt that will allow fans to piece together the title of the series three finale by watching each of the series two repeats. One word from the episode name has been hidden in each repeat screening. Here's the official clue from the BBC:

"The title's in the Series 2 titles, but which titles could we mean?"

Episodes one and two in the third series are already out in the open, the first being The Empty Hearse, and the second, The Sign of Three. Both titles point towards the inspiration drawn from Conan Doyle's original stories, and the series three finale is expected to follow suit. 

In three weeks' time then, we're going to have the full complement. Set your recording devices accordingly...


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