Benedict Cumberbatch confirms Sherlock series 4

News Louisa Mellor 12 Mar 2013 - 21:00

Here's something to put a spring in your step: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have already signed on for Sherlock series 4...

"We've already agreed to two more series". Those were the seven words Benedict Cumberbatch uttered today that set a sizeable section of the internet afire. Speaking at this afternoon's South Bank Show Awards, the Sherlock and Star Trek: Into Darkness actor revealed, "All I know at the moment is that I'm doing these three and another three".

Until now, a pall had been cast over the possibility of a fourth Sherlock series due to Cumberbatch and Freeman's packed film-making schedules, not to mention the time-suck of Steven Moffat's showrunning duties on Doctor Who. (Thanks to the detective show's critical and popular success, whether or not the BBC would recommission further episodes was never in question. Firstly, they're not stupid people over at the BBC, and secondly, someone would have to do some very bad sums indeed to turn down the Sherlock team.)

Is four series likely to be our lot? "It just depends on Martin and I's availability, how long we can keep it going. It depends on Steven's ability. I'd love to keep it going" said Cumberbatch. He's certainly not alone in that.

Series three of Sherlock is due to start filming next Monday, with two episodes planned to be in the can before a summer break, and then a further episode filmed after the leads have returned from their respective Star Trek and The Hobbit duties. Broadcast dates won't be confirmed for a good while yet, but we'll let you know as soon as they are.


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This pleases me greatly.

Moffat should take a back seat on Doctor Who soon and focus on Sherlock, which is his true treasure. Keep it at three a series, sure, but perhaps make it more regular or reliable. He's juggling two of the most popular BBC programmes right now and he can't manage any consistent scheduling for either, which is honestly testing my patience with DW. I'd like to see Toby Whithouse take over and have Moffat put all his energy into brilliant runs of Sherlock every year! The stress is telling in how flimsy his DW writing is getting, don't let it spread to Sherlock!

What an utter bunch off horse droppings. Moffats showrunner episodes have been absolute streets ahead of what RTD produced, and I'm infinitely more concerned with quality than quantity.
I don't mind Whithouse taking over (better him than Chibnall), I reckon I'd like his era, but right now we're in a golden one.

And why would ha make Sherlock more "regular or reliable"? As it is each release is a special occassion and Cumberbatch and Freeman have already spoken about doing it when older. To make it reliable is to have it taken for granted.

If it goes past four series you can see the quality starting to suffer possibly.

A nice round dozen sounds perfect.

There's such a thing as outstaying your welcome for any show.

bring in the right writers and they could have plenty more series

I agree, I don't want Sherlock churned out at 10 shows a year and it become a standard detective show or something akin to a soap opera.

These are worth waiting for.

Although a new DW show runner for season 8 might not be such a terrible thing if Moffat keeps contributing scripts and ideas for the show. He's a better DW writer than he is show runner, his arcs tend to wander off into nothingness and his build ups end up as anticlimaxes. It pains me to make that critique, but it's true.

Lets be honest 'cumberbatch' what sort of a name is that, it's got cum in it HAHAHAH

I thought Moffatt's arc in series 5 was excellent. How can you call "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang" anticlimactic? Series 6's arc was definitely muddled and over-complicated, though, and did lead to disappointment at the end. But the build up was still fun!

I'd worry if anybody else took over as showrunner, simply because right now it's pretty damned good, and there's the danger that things would change for the worse. If you watch anything from RTD's era now the quality is so noticeably inferior that it makes me worry that a different showrunner wouldn't be as good.

I absolutely agree about the great Series 5 finale of The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Those might be my favorite moments in Doctor Who.

But the RTD era had great moments as well.

I'm re-watching Series 3 now and several of the episodes, in particular the Shakespeare episode and the pair of episodes set just before World War I in which the Doctor is hiding out with Martha are quite terrific.

> If you watch anything from RTD's era now the quality is so noticeably inferior that it makes me worry that a different showrunner wouldn't be as good.

Perhaps Cumberbatch wont be doing that much press for Star trek.

I dont see why we cant have 3 ever 2-3 years. Thats hardly flooding us with material.

I'd like to see Toby Whithouse take over as runner. I;d like to see Moffat write the script for Doctor Strange and for Cumberbatch to star in it.

perhaps, but I would doubt it. the film is being sold whit him as the main antagonist (perhaps not), he is the only character in the main poster and his face seems everywhere for this film so I would guess he'll be doing as much press as Chris Pine and JJ

I think what The_strawbear is getting at, and which bothers me, is that
we still don't have any idea who blew up the Tardis and so far there
doesn’t seem to have been any attempt at answering that question. The
whole ‘the silence must fall’ which was trailed after it turned out to
be something completely different.

However can I point out that
we seems to be following some sort of version of Godwin’s Law here
(google it) but our version states that "As a Den of Geek discussion
grows longer, the probability of an argument over whether Moffat and RTD
is better approaches’, and while fun it is a bit pointless.

Good news, but 3 episodes is hardly a series.



Sure. However, there is no reason to talk down the Series 5 finale for that. It was incumbent on Moff to follow through, but not everything has to be wrapped up with a bow in those eps.

>we still don't have any idea who blew up the Tardis and so far there doesn’t seem to have been any attempt at answering that question.

Although I mostly agree with you, I think most DW fans will admit that The Beast Below (you know, the one with the Space Whale) wasn't Moffat's greatest moment. I'm pretty sure even RTD could have topped that...

Even Moffat admits it was his worst episode but that was still very watchable - what I would to see is an end to this idea that the show-runner has to contribute large numbers of scripts every year, instead of the 5-6 that both RTD and SM have done each year limit it to a maximum of 2.

Actually, Cumberbatch seems more prominent in the marketing here in the US so far than Kirk and Spock!

It usually takes a good month to shoot a 90-minute TV movie.

BBC not stupid? They just canceled Being Human.

Good boy, Bendedict.

I have to agree with you there. I think Moffat is better when writing for Sherlock, with the contraints of real life in place, rather than DW, where everything is possible (and that's really not a good thing when you've got an imagination like The Moff's.)

The Space Whale was ridiculous but I liked the emotional stuff and the whole 'Save the Whales' theme that seemed to run through it. It felt a bit like a comment on the state of the enviroment at the moment.
Also, all the Amy's 'choice' stuff (Aha! See what you did there, Moff) was pretty good.
I'll get my coat.

Well, they could hardly go bigger than the Devil, could they? In my opinion, it was Being Human's time...not that I'm not mourning.

Are you sure, our News programmes at times would suggest other than that.

l can not wait

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