Steven Moffat hopes he "can hang on to" Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

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30 Jan 2013 - 15:23

Has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's new-found stardom put Sherlock's future on shaky ground?

Not six weeks ago did Benedict Cumberbatch drop many a Sherlock fan's anxiety levels by declaring that availability aside, there was no reason that his and Martin Freeman's roles in Sherlock "can't continue until we get too old". Asked if the pair could become too well-known to return to the BBC detective series, Cumberbatch replied that he didn't think it was a possibility due to his love for the show.

Never one to relieve his people of anxiety though, co-creator Steven Moffat has introduced an element of doubt into proceedings with his latest words on the future of Sherlock. Speaking to the Radio Times, Moffat said of his leads' new stardom, “It’s a problem by accident and design. We do have two of the biggest film stars in the world playing the leads in our show. But they seem to like doing it and we hope we can hang on to them for a bit.”

There's no doubt that Cumberbatch and Freeman have made a vertiginous ascent up the blockbuster ladder of late, with their respective lead roles in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit trilogy. Freeman currently enjoys a position as the IMDb's 103rd most searched-for actor (roughly 130,000 higher than during his 'Tim from The Office' period), while Cumberbatch currently stands at number 45 (5,000-odd higher than in his pre-Sherlock days)It's a worrying trend, and if it continues, could we soon see the days when Sherlock and Watson are too busy reading L. Ron Hubbard books and going to Yoga-lates classes with Apple and Moses Martin to return to Baker Street? Perish the thought.

Sherlock's third series at least is a cert, and due to begin filming this March. We'll keep you posted.

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