Steven Moffat hopes he "can hang on to" Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

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Has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's new-found stardom put Sherlock's future on shaky ground?

Not six weeks ago did Benedict Cumberbatch drop many a Sherlock fan's anxiety levels by declaring that availability aside, there was no reason that his and Martin Freeman's roles in Sherlock "can't continue until we get too old". Asked if the pair could become too well-known to return to the BBC detective series, Cumberbatch replied that he didn't think it was a possibility due to his love for the show.

Never one to relieve his people of anxiety though, co-creator Steven Moffat has introduced an element of doubt into proceedings with his latest words on the future of Sherlock. Speaking to the Radio Times, Moffat said of his leads' new stardom, “It’s a problem by accident and design. We do have two of the biggest film stars in the world playing the leads in our show. But they seem to like doing it and we hope we can hang on to them for a bit.”

There's no doubt that Cumberbatch and Freeman have made a vertiginous ascent up the blockbuster ladder of late, with their respective lead roles in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit trilogy. Freeman currently enjoys a position as the IMDb's 103rd most searched-for actor (roughly 130,000 higher than during his 'Tim from The Office' period), while Cumberbatch currently stands at number 45 (5,000-odd higher than in his pre-Sherlock days)It's a worrying trend, and if it continues, could we soon see the days when Sherlock and Watson are too busy reading L. Ron Hubbard books and going to Yoga-lates classes with Apple and Moses Martin to return to Baker Street? Perish the thought.

Sherlock's third series at least is a cert, and due to begin filming this March. We'll keep you posted.

Radio Times

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Benedict and Martin love doing the series so I would suggest the pressure is on Moffat and co to continue to provide quality scripts. As the actors still havent seen scripts for series 3 (even though Martin said a few days ago he'd asked) I think the onus is on the writers/producers to keep the lead actors interested. Moffat always writes last minute which isnt very fair to the actors.

Obviously if it was down to the money then there would be no more Sherlock. However, Cumberbatch and Freeman seem happy to do things with a lower wage as long as it is produced to a high standard. It seems like it is up to the BBC and Moffat to make sure that standards do not fall.

Shut up, Moffat. Just, shut up.

the Moffat bashing really goes on my nerves...

I know, it's annoying when people give their thoughts when they're not wanted. Case in point, "Shut up, Moffat. Just, shut up."

Why? Because you say so? Then don't read articles about him.

Honestly Moffat annoys me on times, Benedict and Martin love doing the show, Moffat should stop scaring people that Martin and Benedict are going to quit the show, It's very unlikely that they would abandon this show now when they know how much it's loved.

He's not introduced any more doubt at all. He's made a statement of the reality as it already clearly was.

But honestly, don't we love being scared? Don't we love being made to
cry and having our hearts ripped out and living on fansites and
watching six episodes over and over because that's as close as we can
get to a fix? Not many people can mess with our minds like that, and we
should treasure the ones who can. Sure, Moffat's a bit of a troll, but
he's a brilliant one. That's the key to keeping everyone on board.
Making the stories so fantastic, so compelling, so outrageously clever
that Benedict and Martin can't NOT do them. I think he probably knows
that. I think he'll deliver in style and we'll keep coming back for
more, and maybe even admit we love him. But yeah, he's still a troll.

Shut up Lotti. Just, shut up

Yeah... he should just stop writing those award winning episodes and making those actors careers for them.

Personally, I'd like to see Gatiss take the Sherlock series a few years into the future and have Sherlock and Watson battle the likes of diabolical computer geeks and semi-mad scientists in a vein similar to "The Wild Wild West."

Which is why you dont make a living writing scripts :)

I don't mind when Moffat scares us like that, I wasn't actually saying anything about his trolling of the fans, he was quite good at it before Reichenbach aired "on a scale of 1-10 how is Reichenbach going to make me cry? Moffat: 47". I just don't like that he would say something like that to possibly wind up some fans and make them worried their favourite show is going to end. It's a horrible feeling.

I've watched first and second series episodes so often now that I can repeat them in my brain almost by heart. It's the personalities that count, and the quality of scripts that keep fans happy.

Steven Moffat and other executives involved in Sherlock are savvy and informed, not to mention filled with a love for their subject, and I think as long as they also remain interested, there will be a Sherlock. Look at how long some of the Masterpiece Mystery other series have lasted--it's been a very long time since the days of Inspector Morse, for example, with its follow-up of Inspector Lewis. Or the fact that Dr. Who has been in production for what, 50 years? If fans can learn some patience, having Sherlock continue sporadic production schedules, it CAN stay around a long time.

The Brits are less likely to give up or give in for financial reasons--it's important to remember that we can only have what we want with Sherlock as long as we keep to those better ideals than simply making it for money. I'm happy to keep watching.

Why wouldn't they keep doing 'Sherlock'? Idris Alba plays in loads of blockbusters these days and still does 'Luther'. And, Brits may not realise this, doing something for the BBC is a big deal if you ask around.

Uh, you are aware this was a question asked of him by a journo at the Radio Times party right? What's he supposed to do exactly?

Honestly people overreact to anything these days. Just LOOK at what he said for a moment - it's actually a perfectly reasonable response. There's nothing there to wind anyone up who isn't looking for a reason to be wound up, just the truth. Very lucky to have two huge stars doing the show and they're looking to carry on with them as long as they can. Perfectly straightforward. Remember it's not all about whether Benedict and Martin want to carry on but also when their schedules match up. That's likely to be the really hard part, it's not so bad having one huge star as everything can work around them to a certain extent, when you have two working on huge movies you don't necessarily have that luxury. That 'doubt' that DoG refer to is ALWAYS there, in every TV production even when you have actors signed up you never quite know what could happen down the road.

I don't think he is trying to scare people with this comment: all he is saying is we will keep doing this show for as long as it is possible to do it (while acknowledging that they have two huge stars as their leads who may some day find their schedules no longer have room for Sherlock, but also acknowledging that these two stars love the show.)
As far as Moffat comments go, there was really no hyperbole or attempts to get a reaction for the audience...just a fairly honest answer.

C;mon, are they really "two of the biggest films tars in the world"?!?

Quite honestly as long as the quality stays at the standard it has been I'll happily take an 'as and when' approach to getting episodes of Sherlock made all day long.

They are not huge names yet but one is the star of a $185m blockbuster, the other the star of a 1/2 billion dollar trilogy, you can't get much bigger than that at the moment surely, you really can imagine 5 years time them being household names to match Cruise, Stallone and the like....

seconded, I will quite happily lap up a series every couple of years.

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