Sherlock and the case of the Russian knock-off

News Louisa Mellor 9 Jan 2013 - 17:52

A new Russian crime series seems to have taken ahem, inspiration from the BBC Sherlock's opening credits...

Good-naturedly retweeted today by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss with the words "Ha! The sincerest form of flattery" were the opening credits to new Russian crime series, the title of which translates as Freud's Method

Before we say anything else, why not take a look at the title sequence:

And let us know if it reminds you of say, this:

And to think, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue was worried about CBS' Elementary infringing on the BBC show's rights...

Freud's Method tells the story of a special consultant to the police who solves "complex cases using outstanding insight and brilliant logic". Here are what appear to be the synopsis and first trailer for the show, courtesy of production company StarMediaFilm:

"Special consultant Roman Freydin is introduced to the crime detection department under the Prosecutor’s Office. A psychologist and professional poker player in his younger days, Freydin traveled extensivelythroughout Russia and Europe dealing with many people from different professions - from qualified psychoanalysts to magicians and fortune-tellers, from celebrated scientists to illegal gamblers. 

When investigating a crime, Freydin uses scientific methods but is ultimately guided by his intuition. He pieces together events from the crime scene creating psychological and physical profiles of the perpetrators so that he is able to preempt their next move leading to their capture. While the foundation of Roman’s approach is psychological science, his method – Freud’s method – is about directly provoking his suspects in order to catch them out. Unfortunately, he also employs this method in dealing with his new colleagues, which is met with a variety of negative responses.

Nevertheless, his fellow officers acknowledge Freudakov as a brilliant expert and perhaps because of his odd and eccentric methods, Freud is able to solve some of the most complex cases using his outstanding insight and brilliant logic."


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Oh, StarMediaFilm, how could you. I just don't understand why. And I'm so ashamed.

I'm from Russia, and I am ashamed for the country. I love Sherlock.
I'm sorry.

Please, forgive us.

Come on, people! You're welcome to it! If the US can do it with Elementary, why shouldn't you? At least this series doesn't use the name and then thoroughly botch the concept! ;-)

Somehow 'professional poker player' isn't quite as exciting as 'reformed heroin addict'.

Don't be, that's exactly what they want


Yes guys, we have to admit ... the 1st channel did

I don't know whether to laugh or cry... ))) They tell us that they came up with the idea of the series in 2010, but "the final chords" were obviously taken a bit later ... disgrace!

C'mon people. Have you even watched the show? The storylines are completely different.

Brilliant. Cyprus takes this one step further. I once heard the x-files theme played on the news about an old lady who was refusing to pay her taxes... :)

Uh - you do know that "Sherlock" is ripped off from Conan Doyle's series, don't you?

I could just about understand developing a similar title sequence by accident, but with the music also clearly taking strong influence from Sherlock along with the main character, there's no excuse. This is clearly plagiarized.

Huh, I would have thought someone would have gone the modernised Dupin route before the "almost entirely but quite unlike" Sherlock one. (Seriously though, someone do a modernised Dupin it's the next logical step!)

Um... What can I say? If 'we' (I mean Russian movie makers) did it with "House M.D." - turning him into "Doctor Tyrsa"... And with "How I Met Your Mother" - turning it into... um... complete shite... Why not screw up with brilliant UK TV series "Sherlock"?

I wish I could say the same (I mean the latter part). Totally disappointed in my country... First government and stuff, now this...

I am from Russia. I'm sorry. But in our country there are many people, who like to "Sherlock." I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK. I LOVE SHERLOCK.

I dunno... I'm definitely seeing the influence of Se7en in the Sherlock credits. Maybe we should give Kyle Cooper a hat tip too?

exactly! ) 'complete shite' these are the key words here)) Things that are made by our Russian know, even my granny doesn't watch them any more))) I'm just sick of all these clones. This is a kind of creative impotence and lack of respect for the audience and the other people's work. P.S.: Ohlobystin, take off the scarf!!!!!! ;)

That is blatant. They havent even tried to hide it

Wow get over yourselves, now the music might sound similar but any show showing buildings and streets is ripping it off? Sherlock's not that good people!!!!!!!

I can't understand, what's a deal? Where is the problem? The First Channel (Russia) just bought rights. Do you really think that they stole it? Stop kidding me!

The post was only about how the opening sequence (and the camera shots) was copied from Sherlock. The fact the storylines are different has no bearing on that.

Lol. Really? You dont say. I guess next you'll be swanning in with some incredible revelation such as Startrek Next Generation is ripped off from the Gene Roddenberry series from the 60's? ;)

If this carries on much longer it will be quicker to list the counteries without a Sherlock rip-off.

Sorry for this delirium. I'm from Russia too and we are very ashamed of our country... This is such a stress for us, Russian Sherlocked fans... 'Cause we believe in Sherlock only)

Sorry for this delirium. I'm from Russia too and we are very ashamed of
our country... This is such a stress for us, Russian Sherlocked fans...
'Cause we believe in Sherlock only)

good god, how many people are 'ashamed'.. hey, I feel ashamed reading that, really. I am not implying that the situation with the opening is fine, it is pretty embarrassing indeed, but our series might be not that bad. I haven`t seen yet, but I know the actors and the fact that Ohlobystin took part in this project means that they did it because they wanted to entertain people, as they are supposed to. the problem is not that big to be 'ashamed for our country'. they liked the tune and used it to create smth new. that should be flattering for ppl who created sherlock and that`s it.

they really didn't even try to mask it, did they?

The premise of this is actually more like the US series Lie To Me, although it's presented like Sherlock. :)

Although the credits look like sherlock, and the characterisation is very Sherlock-esque, (although most detectives today are looely based on the Holmes prototype- genius, outrageous, hidden past/dark secret etc,) the premise makes me think more of the US series Lie To Me. :)

That´s pathetic! They can´t even copy the opening sequence right.. not to mention the lack of professional skills

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