Benedict Cumberbatch on the future of Sherlock

News Louisa Mellor 18 Dec 2012 - 11:08

Are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman getting too famous to return to Sherlock?

It's happened before. James McAvoy stepped out of TV's Shameless to play a Narnian faun never to return, Will Smith left Bel-Air for good to shoot aliens, and now that Martin Freeman is playing Bilbo in The Hobbit and Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, could the duo also become too famous for telly?

Short answer? No. Not on your nelly. Speaking to Yahoo recently, Cumberbatch assured Sherlock fans that there's no reason the show "can't continue until we get too old".

Asked if he could ever get too big for Sherlock, Cumberbatch replied "I don't think that's a possibility because I love it too much. Making [Sherlock] is all about availability. Martin Freeman has the same kind of pressures on him now. It's a thing of quality not quantity that show - thank God. We started young with it. We started when they meet and we still are young for those roles. There's no reason why it can't continue until we get too old."



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Good to know. I'd love for Sherlock to continue for an indefinite amount of time, as long as the quality remains high.

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank god!

sweet lord of the rings my life has been saved

Hell yes!! I'm a huge fan of Sherlock and I want it to never end!

Be a dick Cumberpants! So I can at least try and hate you. You top bastard.

Cumberbatch is wonderful. He knows the fans love it so much. Sherlock is a fantastic slot in any actors diary. 3 top notch mini films every 18 months so the actors have a chance to do other hollywood films alongside it. Its a perfect balance

You've got to respect an actor who hits the big time but doesn't forget or abandon their roots.

While buying the latest Sherlock series, I had a conversation with a clerk at the local Best Buy who informed me that the British have an altogether different view of TV work. Because TV is often viewed more highly than the movies, British actors keep up their TV work even after breaking into the movies--unlike American actors who are quick to abandon the audiences who helped to establish their careers, only to come crawling back to TV when they're no longer a box office draw. The British way certainly makes more sense to me!

Its all about the quality of work for Cumberbatch. He's never been in anything that wasnt top notch. For instance he's happy to take on a tiny role to work with satirist Chris Morris in Four Lions.

Its time he was front and centre though in a range of films. There's nothing he cant do. He'd be great in thrillers, comedies, serious drama and quirky romantic films.The best actor of his generation - only ANY continent

Doesn't surprise me. Benedict is certainly a man of principals, just look at his recent return to radio's Cabin Pressure after his hollywood experience and, why on earth wouldn't he and Martin come back to Sherlock? A show that has been nominated for almost every award, brilliant writing, 18 month gaps between series ( as a huge fan - don't like that! ) and plenty of time to do all the other stuff that both he and Martin will almost certainly be wanted for. My only fear is, so many offers from Hollywood may mean losing them to that place permanantly like so many others.

Yes I adore Cabin Pressure :) so glad he is coming back for that - I was worried that would be the one to take the hit rather than Sherlock

Glad you love it Cumberbatch because we do too!


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