UPDATED: Sherlock series 3 delayed

News Simon Brew 26 Nov 2012 - 21:49

Production has been put back on Sherlock series 3, it's being reported...

UPDATE: Sherlock producer Sue Vertue tweeted the following message this morning in response to the story:

"To stop further speculation, #sherlock filming has pushed to Mrch for availability reasons. It's not expected to affect any likely tx dates" 

Here's some melancholy news to head towards the end of November with. The original plan for Sherlock series 3 was to start shooting it in January 2013, with an eye on transmission at some point later in the year (summer had been speculated, but nobody was saying anything officially. Or unofficially, to be fair). However, it seems as though a delay has hit the return of the show.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that production of Sherlock series 3 has now been pushed back at least two more months to March, to work around the schedules of everyone involved. At the very earliest, that now suggests that tranmission of the three new Sherlock episodes won't be taking place until Christmas 2013, and we wouldn't wager against following the new year's day premiere and January roll-out in 2014, either (it should be said that may have been the plan all along, of course).

In particular, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are tied up with other projects. Steven Moffat is hardly short of work, either, given his ongoing commitments to Doctor Who. And we wonder where this leaves director Paul McGuigan, given that he's attached to a new movie version of Frankenstein for Fox.

There's been no formal announcement from the BBC of any kind of transmission date for more Sherlock. At the very least, we'd suggest we've still got a year to wait, sadly.


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Moffat has a terrible reputation for being late with his scripts. This is the reason the last two series of Doctor Who have been split in two.

Is that a relevant piece of info?

And I don't think it's even true... he doesn't write all the scripts for Who, and it was split in two for completely different reasons.

Bear in mind, I only get my own info thanks to my ability to google... so I can't say I KNOW anything for sure. Where do you get your info from re: terrible reputation?

I thought that the reason for splitting the last two seasons was to slowly turn the juggernaut production on Doctor Who so it could become an Autumn / Winter show rather than a Spring / Summer one. Anyway, I don't mind waiting for series 3. If something is good, it's worth waiting for, no?

I thought they were split into two long before the scripts were meant to have been finished... I have no idea what BlackLeather is talking about, tbh.

They might as well delay it till 2015 to stick to the 3 year-disappearance in the books...

A close friend works at BBC Wales and rants about him often..."They downed tools for two weeks last month as a script was held back yet again." "The production is a financial black hole." "Any other producer would be sacked.


Sure, whatever...

Good man.

Maybe it's time for your friend to be sacked?

He's ranting about the man responsible for the BBCs two biggest and most successful shows, who delivers scripts to huge acclaim (and success at awards) and your friend (if real) is a low grade idiot who hasn't the sense to keep his mouth shut. You don't openly rant about anyone in the entertainment industry, it's highly unprofessional, if you do you should expect to lose your job.
He's also ranting about a financial black hole... correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the current budget supposedly a mere fraction of what it was say for series 1?

Well, at least Cumberbund made time in his busy, Star Trek schedule for Cabin Pressure Season 4!!! :) Seriously, this'll give Moffat a chance to focus on the Doctor a little. Maybe we'll get more "Impossible Astronaut" and a little less "Asylum of the Daleks".

And I'm also serious about Cabin Pressure. FINNEMORE!!!

That's a bad joke. Nooo!!

My my, upset much?

I can see where this is going. I'm sure the truth will out, many years from now when all involved have moved on.

Fight fight fight!

I hope not, that never ends well. Take Eric Sawards rant, fans debate whether he made valid points (the miscasting of Colin Baker is one rant that has fallen particularly from favour given his success under Big Finish), but one thing everyone can agree on is that he was an absolute twonk for going out and attacking all his previous colleagues.

Clearly there are always people who take issue with the management, just look at Chris Eccleston and the DW team, and heaven help you if you listen to the tales anyone who worked with Ridley Scott had to tell.

Steven Moffat has produced two exceptionally popular shows that bring in international acclaim and money, whatever axe you have to grind, for whatever reason, that's all that matters - the accusation that any other producer would be fired is an absurdity, most of Hollywoods greats have similar behind the scenes claims.

It's a nice day outside.

Join me post watershed when I'll be able to deliver my opinion on this.

I'm surprised Benedict Cumberbatch has any time at all. The Hobbit and Star Trek must be keeping him busy. Plus he could land the Bond 24 villain.

NOOOO! I won't survive...all I've got to go on at the moment is The Hour, Merlin, and the occasional old DW episode on BBC 3...this is cruelty.

What, good for saying you're talking rubbish? Albeit not in as many words as TARDInSexy.

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