Sherlock series 3: Andrew Scott rules out return

News Simon Brew
31 Oct 2012 - 06:52

As he promotes his new show, The Town, Andrew Scott has had one or two things to say about Sherlock...

If you're not completely up to date on Sherlock, we should say from the off that it's probably worth avoiding this story. We're going to talk spoilers that pop up at the end of series two of the show.

Still here? Okay then.

Series three of Sherlock is heading into production at the start of 2013, and it's already got one riddle to solve, in explaining just how Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock managed to fake his own death at the end of series two. However, Andrew Scott's Moriarty also seemingly met his maker, but speculation has been rife that he may yet return to the show.

In a new interview, the actor himself seems to have put such talk to rest. "Moriarty is dead", he told The Sun. "I don't think there could have been any better exit for a character like that".

Scott, who's appearing in the new ITV drama The Town later this month, added that "I feel very proud of Sherlock. Moriarty was a very potent character and one the audience really responded to. But it's important to me that he doesn't take over. You have to take risks and play as many different things as possible".

The Sherlock Holmes novels leave plenty of room for further adversaries for the famous detective, of course. We look forward to seeing what Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue and their team come up with next...

The Sun.

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