Sherlock series 3: key words revealed!

News Louisa Mellor 24 Aug 2012 - 15:21

Stop the press! Celebrated tease Steven Moffat has announced the three words that provide a clue to Sherlock’s third series…

I wouldn’t want to play Steven Moffat at chess. The Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner’s dealings with an information-hungry public and press over the past few years have been an exercise in strategy, misdirection and equivocation worthy of a Grandmaster. You’ll cry, he promises, but the Doctor lies, he adds. You’ve missed a big clue in Sherlock’s fall, he teases, you’ll kick yourselves…

Kick ourselves we probably will, but not before we’ve pondered the significance of the following three words: Rat, Wedding, and Bow.

Those are the keys to Sherlock’s forthcoming third series, according to Moffat and Gatiss, who announced the trio this afternoon at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. Series two had Woman/Hound/Fall as their guiding principles, and series three will unfurl under the banner of Rat/Wedding/Bow. So what do we think?

Series 3 of Sherlock is due to film in January and expected on our screens next August. 

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Giant Rat of Sumatra, His Last Bow, but wedding..? Return of Adler perhaps?

Let the speculation begin! *frantically Googles all the Sherlock Holmes series titles...*

Damn our language. Was that supposed to be bow as in an english longbow and arrow or bow as in to take a bow on stage?

NEXT August?!?!? I can't wait that long!!! >:(

(But I know that it will be worth the wait!)

Yeah I'm guessing the Rat is Giant Rat of Sumatra, Bow is from Last Bow and Wedding is The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor. Can't wait!

Think its bow as in bow on stage. One of the stories is 'His Last Bow'

hoping rat could somehow be possibly linked to the Valley of Fear..

wedding could also be Solitary Cyclist, Rat is only mentioned in Sussex Vampire it isnt actually an original case isnt it? Bow couldnt be final bow if they want to continue the series

don't spoil

I applause your enthusiasm

wedding could also be Sign of Four as it's the one with watson's wife?


F**K Sherlock! A new series of Bottom has just been commisioned!!!!! The greatest news ever!

oh cannot wait!!!please be good! such a shame we only get 3 a year :(

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