Syfy already working on Sharknado 3

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1 May 2014 - 06:39

Sharknado: The Second One arrives in July. Sharknado 3? It's going to follow a year later...

There's not much in the way of middling opinion on Sharknado. People either tend to think that it's one of the most gleeful pieces of trash they've had the pleasure of in a long time, and really enjoyed it. Or they thought it was just that: a piece of trash, and they hated it (we struggled with it, in truth. We've seen far better trash than Sharknado). Either way, it proved a huge hit for Syfy, to the point where Sharknado: The Second One is already filmed, and set to debut this summer.

Yet what might just become the Sharknado juggernaut continues to rumble on, as it's been revealed that Sharknado 3 is now on the cards. The cast for the third feature has yet to be confirmed, but Syfy wants it ready for the summer of 2015. We suspect that it won't stop there, with the suggestion being that Sharknado will be an "annual event". A bit like Christmas, then. That's nice.

Sharknado: The Second One debuts on July 30th.

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