Have you seen these Sesame Street TV spoofs?

Feature Den Of Geek 25 Jun 2014 - 07:40

As Sesame Street delivers its True Blood parody, we revisit its TV spoofs from Sons Of Anarchy to Mad Men and more...

It's an odd combination: pre-school puppet show meets some of TV's most adult, violent, sex-charged drama, but it's showing no signs of going away. In addition to Sesame Street's clutch of film parodies (if you've not seen it, we can recommend Hunger Games: Catching Fire), the PBS children's show has been spoofing TV's best and brightest for years. 

As its latest TV parody - an educational felt version of HBO's True Blood dedicated, as so many of these spoofs are, to the art of rhyming - arrives, let's revisit some of Sesame Street's previous homages, from Birdwalk Empire, to Homelamb, Sons Of Poetry, 30 Rocks and more...

True Blood

Poor Bill Compton can't always get what he wants...


Boardwalk Empire

Nucky Ducky comes beak to beak with Clucky Luciano in a birdwalk confrontation...


Sons Of Anarchy

SAMCRO reinvented as a roving poetry aid for Robert Browning? What could make more sense?


Mad Men

Sesame Street takes on Mad Men's perennial theme: the elusive nature of happiness...



Brody as an actual wolf in sheep's clothing? Eh. Beats season three...


Gray's Anatomy

Welcome to Alphabet Memorial Hospital. We need 50 CCs of vowel, stat...



When there's rhyme in the streets, it's time for RSI, Rhyme Scene Investigation...


Law & Order

More alphabet fun from Law & Order: Special Letters Unit...


30 Rock

Liz Lemon is a lemon while Jack Donaghy wears blue eyeshadow. This one might be our favourite.



G Club is battling for a place in G-gionals, but will Sue Sylvester's Geerios beat them to it?


Desperate Housewives

Two plants in desperate need of sunlight and water lust after a gardener's watering can in what is perhaps the most disturbing Sesame Street spoof of them all...   

Sesame Street

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Homelamb is brilliant. Thanks!

I distinctly remember 'Twin Beaks' back when I was young enough to be watching this.

I remember The Count doing....

ONE! Flew over the cuckoo's nest... Ah ah ah aaaaaaah
TWO! Flew over the cuckoo's nest.... Ah ah ah aaaaaaaah

It was hilarious! :)

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