NBC's Rosemary's Baby miniseries pushes ahead

News Louisa Mellor
11 Dec 2013 - 07:45

A new four-hour retelling of Ira Levin's chilling novel, Rosemary's Baby, starts production in Paris this January...

NBC's horror output, which already boasts HannibalDracula and the entertaining but rarely-that-scary Grimm, is welcoming a chilling psychological horror in the form of the Rosemary's Baby retelling announced earlier this year

American Horror Story's James Wong and 2002's Queen of the Damned's Scott Abbott have adapted Ira Levin's 1967 novel for the four-hour, Paris-set miniseries, which is due to go into production early next year. Casting is yet to be announced.

The story of Rosemary's Baby, which we won't spoil here for anyone yet to read it or see Roman Polanski's tense-as-a-highwire 1968 feature adaptation starring Mia Farrow and filmmaker John Cassavetes, has seeped into popular culture over the decades. Peggy Olsen memorably ransacked the film for creative inspiration in Mad Men's recent sixth season.

What will a retelling bring to it? Being charitable, a new context and a new audience. It'll also serve to jog our collective memory about the original, which is no bad thing. More on the miniseries as it comes in.


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