Robert Rodriguez discusses TV, Latino market, Tarantino

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21 Aug 2014 - 07:28

Sin City director Robert Rodriquez has been discussing his other projects...

With the long-awaited sequel to Sin City about to hit cinemas (our review is here), Robert Rodriguez has been discussing his other projects. Namely, the formation of El Rey (‘the king’ in English) – his eight-month-old television network aimed at Latino males.

When offered the opportunity to start his own network, Rodriguez opted to take matters into his own hands on a regular query he’s been asked throughout his career.

"People have always asked me, ‘How do we get to Latinos' wallets?"” the director lamented. "Well, you've got to get them here (touches his heart). You have to give them characters to fall in love with. It was never just about ‘putting Latinos in more shows.’"

As well as his own series From Dusk Til Dawn (based on his own film), Rodriguez hinted at other possibilities. When asked if Quentin Tarantino would join the network, Rodriquez responded that "he definitely would. We haven't talked specifics, but he has always wanted to get into TV."

He also discussed launching a female equivalent, adapting his early project Spy Kids, giving Danny Trejo a series and joked about an Avengers-style show with his all his most iconic characters.

The full interview, an interesting read, is here.


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