Ripper Street is returning for series 3

News Louisa Mellor 26 Feb 2014 - 09:50

A third series of Ripper Street is on its way via on-demand streaming service, Amazon Prime...

The rumours hopeful Ripper Street fans were trying not to get too excited about should they turn out to be bunkum are all true: Ripper Street is returning for a third series.

The BBC and Ripper Street's makers have done a deal with on-demand streaming service Amazon Prime, which will have the exclusive premiere of the new episodes, which begin filming in May and will air on the BBC at a later date.

Here's the official BBC Tweet announcing the news: "Just in: Cancelled drama is to return for a 3rd series on VOD service . It'll be shown at a later date on the BBC."

The Head of Amazon Instant Video International Content had this to say about the news: "We're delighted to have secured not only the highly popular first two seasons of Ripper Street for our Prime Instant Video customers, but we can also confirm today that we will making season three, news that we know will delight the millions of fans of this brilliant British drama."

The BBC's Ben Stephenson added, "This deal gives fans another series of the show they love at excellent value to the licence fee-payer, ensuring that the BBC can also commission an entirely new, yet-to-be-announced drama series."

Ripper Street was cancelled at the end of its second series last year, with lower-than-hoped-for ratings given as the reason. A suitably polite fan uproar including a sizeable petition followed that announcement. Anyone who signalled their displeasure at the decision should be cracking open the bubbly* now.

*Appletiser. It's still early where we are.


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Great news! Just shows the power of the "polite fan uproar" ;O)

Considering I'm not a sports person and I prefer other ways to see movies than pay Sky Movies stupid prices then between Netflix, amazon prime, maybe now tv and free view/sat I can get everything I want for under £20 a month hmmmmm.

Glad this is back too

It's heartening to know the BBC do listen to their customers.

Sometimes. The sheer amount of rubbish on BBC One in primetime masquerading as entertainment still beggars belief: Dreary EastEnders, I appreciate a decent soap is the bedrock of a populist channel but does it have to be so downbeat? "Comedy" is represented by the desperately unfunny Miranda, a show used far too often as filler. Don't even get me started on Mrs Brown's Boys! Put it this way: the outcry from fans of that show when a repeat was interrupted to break news of Nelson Mandela's death speaks volumes. saturday night is dominated by ITV-lite fodder The Voice, a genuinely interesting concept that always runs out of steam when the blind auctions end. Past-their-prime hospital soaps Holby City and Casualty - Angels only lasted 8 years (1976-83) and was far superior; Inane "documentaries" Traffic Cops and Pound Shop Wars. Why not put more budget into Panorama, a venerable 60 year old institution, which given the right subject matter can still be thought-provoking; the ageing A Question of Sport was always a tad dull, relying on sports stars to be witty. Finally there's the never-conveniently-scheduled Film 2014, a show which is sadly going downhill fast since Claudia Winkleman took over, her co-presenter does her no favours in intellectual terms and is equally irritating. Just my honest opinion of the state of TV these days. Rant over. On the plus side i'm looking forward to the new series of Jonathan Creek on Friday at 9pm. Perhaps because the 5 series have been spaced over 17 years, they are so much more welcome. Maybe there is a lesson there?

The BBC is run by dicks.

This. One thousand times. This.

good news, nice to see common sense prevailing for once and it seems to be the best of both worlds in as far as big available on streaming services and later on the BBC.

Appletiser~ It's the drink of CHAMPIONS! A special mention for Anna Louise, Rattilia Sylvia , Sian, Caroline, Lynn (USA)
whose every waking day was consumed with Saving Ripper Street. #ELATED

Well, isn't this good news! Now that other cancelled Whitechapel show!

And yet the BBC is astonishingly reluctant to release old classics they hold in their archive, and sends me round in e-mailing circles when I try to find out who to badger about this.

MMMmmm -- Appletiser! Thanks, Dorothy!

Just read your review of Ripper Street S2 on Amazon, I think it might need an update!

Think a petition to get "Atlantis" shelved might be in order...


Quality did win! :)))))

Thx to Dorothy! Too kind! :)

It's a win for OnDemand, Not TV, They still canceled it to replace it with rubbish

When are they going to bring back Copper??? That's the only show I really care about!

It's Den's drink~ a bit early in the da ~ sure he will find a pint of guinness or a decent drop of whisky to toast the NEWS! #RIPPERSTREETHASBEENSAVED!

Congrats to all the Ripper Street-er ologists? Ripperologist Streets? Ripperostreetologists? I have no idea. Anyway good for you Ripper Street fans! I don't like the show at all but it's always nice when a much loved show is brought back on air. Now amazon...have you ever heard of a show called Rome? ;)

I was going to say what about that other cancelled show the Hour. Obviously it will be without Peter Capaldi and the wonderful character he played. We would still have the other fine actors though. But I suppose that will be a resounding no.

Try the BBC Trust.

And a happy update it is!

Ahhh, that it is, that it is.

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