BBC cancels Ripper Street, confirms no series 3

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2013 - 13:05

Ripper Street series 2 will be the last, the BBC has confirmed.

Here's some sad news. Whilst the BBC's Ripper Street has had its bumps, there's plenty about it to like, and the show has a hardened core of fans that follow it. Not enough as it happens, though, as the BBC will not be ordering a series 3.

Chatting to BBC Radio London, actor Jerome Flynn revealed the news, and said that the cast and production team found out the news this week. The reason behind the decision to cancel the show? Ratings.

"It was up against I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, and that's been cited as one of the reasons in terms of viewing figures", he said. "We're all in absolute shock because it's a wonderful job and we feel like it's kind of this unfinished work. So we're hoping it will turn around if anyone from the BBC is listening".

A BBC statement, however, read that "we are very proud of Ripper Street which has enjoyed two highly ambitious series on BBC One. However, the second series didn't bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won't be returning".

It's sad that a public service broadcaster has to play the ratings game as much as the BBC sometimes, but then the tabloid ire it gets when a show doesn't perform makes that understandable. It's just a shame that Ripper Street has been caught in the crossfire.

Series two of the show still has a couple of weeks left, and then that's your lot, it seems.


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Not surprised, series 2 blew it's load on the first 2 episodes, downhill since then. Still better than most BBC 1 shows though.

Beyond gutted. After The Hour another series I actually enjoy. I feel like going on a Malcolm Tucker sized rant so I'd better leave. :-(

What did the BBC expect putting it up against I'm A Celebrity...? They should perhaps blame themselves for bad scheduling.This is seriously disappointing news.

The BBC won't fund this but they waste tens of millions on Dr Who dross? Disgusting.

Even before I'm A Celebrity it was in trouble. It had lost 1.4m viewers and was well on its way to cancellation by episode 3. IAC was just the final nail in the coffin. A shame but it happens.

Well that is a real shame, fair enough Ripper Street was never gonna hit the big time but its been very good quality and really should have made it to series three, but ratings don't lie and come the end of the day people ain't watching. the next generation enjoy inane drivel.

Ripper Street aired several years too late. The era of the one hour crime procedural is over. It is a shame because despite the fact that I didn't like the show, as a procedural it was relatively decent. Still let's hope the beeb learns from this and starts producing serials like Broadchurch.

I've never seen Ripper Street before, but the fact it's biting the dust in the shadow of "I'm a Celebrity..." is something I find deeply troubling. If they're so keen on creative renewal, that is the first show that deserves the ax. The show would probably have seen higher ratings if they did some better scheduling. Shame on you, BBC!

How can ratings be a factor for the BBC. Good ratings for them means lower ratings for those that generate income. Costs make far more sense

What a shame. When it started out on BBC I wanted to see it but had trouble following the plot and dialog (English isn't my first language). Now it's on Dutch tv (with subtitles!) and I really like the show. Too bad it doesn't longer. :(

Strong writing and themes, an exceptional cast, just about the best thing the BBC have on at the minute, and they f**k about with the scheduling so its up against some celebrity s**t in the jungle, AND THEN axe it because Ant and Dec pull in more grannies. Seriously! Is the BBC run by semi-trained monkeys? Its on someone's head responsible for scheduling the axe needs to come down on. Still, at least we get more Atlantis. F***ing A!

It shouldn't. They make the money by franchising a show across the world to the likes of BBC America.

Goddamit, I really liked this show, especially 1.5. The ratings game is such a c**k sometimes.

Surely the dark and broody Ripper Street was never going to appeal to the same folk who prefer to watch I'm A Celebrity? I'm puzzled that they'd compare the two, is it Auntie's remit to go for the lowest common denominator?

I feel your pain. I never thought I would change my view on the value of the license fee but at this point I find so little of interest to watch on telly that I'd be all for scrapping it. Thank God for Netflix, Lovefilm and the inter-webs!

Appalling decision by the BBC, and to think they are renewing the drivel which is Atlantis..I think it's time for a new Head Of Entertainment at the Beebs..I'm volunteering.

This is so sad it is a fantastic show and they are dropping it why put it on at the same time as a big hitter next to i'm a celebrity surely its sunday evening or late night saturday fodder. Scheduling always seem to kill off the best shows :(

I'm sure you would do a better job

This is the worst news I've heard all day. It seems all my favorite Brit shows are getting canceled - before they've even come to the States! Highly unfair. It's quite popular with all my US friends.

A show watch by a total of 16 million people in the UK alone is exactly what the BBC should be making.

Sad to hear that Ripper Street has been cancelled. With The Hour, Being Human, and now Ripper Street, cancelled, the BBC seems to not care about its best shows. Is quality television no longer of interest to the BBC?

Apparently the BBC are committed to showing quality drama....seems they’re more committed to cancelling quality drama after 2 series just like they did The Hour before it. I'm not sure I can be bothered getting interested in another of their quality dramas again as it'll only get cancelled for some nonsense reason like the others so maybe it's best to just avoid them altogether and avoid another disappointing cancellation….

Gutted - it was moved from a Sunday and then put against IACGMOOH - stupid, stupid BBC. It is quality drama, unlike so much of the output.

About the only interesting adult drama themed series on the BBC & it gets cancelled. WTF do I pay my licence fee for? Thank god for American imports from channels like HBO.

Well, they spelled Joseph Drake's first name wrong in the closing credits of E1, so...

No, seriously, I'll miss it.

Although Ripper Street series 1 Blu ray sits proudly on my shelf, series 2 seems like a completely different show... for example Sgt Drake is married...What...what...WHAT?? to use a Who expression :) ....last season part of the story arc was Drakes's unrequited love for Rose yet suddenly he is married to another prostitute!!...add to that kung fu monks who can punch through stone and the Elephant man (you couldn't make this stuff up could you:)...then finish it off with a bit of history re writing by having one of the fictional characters murder said Elephant man.....all things considered cancellation seemed inevitable.....

cant believe such an excellent and gripping series is being axed in place of yet another reality series with so called celebrities...I want my licence fee back!!!!

So in protest, someone had the idea of mailing bowler hats to BBC HQ

BBC I thought I was watching your channel because you put on QUALITY shows. I guess you are the same as the American networks.

Absolutely disgusted I can't remember the last time I watched a series that had me gripped to my seat with every episode.
Yet again the idiots at the BBC are doing what they do best put a great show on telly after a few series scrap it!!!!
Whatever clown is in charge wants his ass kicking the demented baboon!!!!!!!!

Well I suppose it allows the BBC to show more repeats of antique, house selling and older than old re runs... shame on the BBC... another quality program bites the dust. Oh well back to watching Antiques Roadshow from 10 years ago lol

I am so disappointed ...just finished season 2 ... checked air date for season 3 and .. so gutted...Next time let BBC send some celebrities to Amazon jungle to compete with ITV in stupid shows!

Noooo. I am so gutted it won't be back!,I hate reality/celeb programmes! What are you thinking BBC!

IT's a shame that quality programming gets bumped out by vacuous drivel.

TBH Ripper Street s02 did not do its self justice thought the character actors, the setting the time of the era, were all set up from s01 to rip up the streets of London with some heavy hitting original story lines with their strong cast of characters. But they were left floundering week after week with the same ol bad guys frustratingly stealing all the good line.

Wanted to see the main cast being cute and clever and not being character assassinated, each and every episode. This isn't Eastenders 21st century this Ripper street 19th century

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