Revolution season 2 episode 20 review: Tomorrowland

Review Billy Grifter
9 May 2014 - 10:52

Revolution takes a turn for the worse in its latest episode. Here's Billy's take on things...

This review contains spoilers.

2.20 Tomorrowland

After a couple of half-decent episodes, the quality in this story returned to the dire level that’s pock-marked this season, and series.

Where I really start to get annoyed with those who create this show is when they introduce an idea - in this case Mustard Gas - and then can’t actually be bothered to spend five minutes to research what it actually is and does. What wasn’t appreciated was they once an area is contaminated with this stuff you can’t be wandering around there, like Bass and Connor do a day later, because it causes horrific burns to exposed skin. As such it’s a weapon more for denying territory than actually killing. And, they couldn’t even get the colour right… predictably.

Technical silliness is par for this course in Revolution, but so is the endless reworking of personal feuds, like Tom’s appetite for revenge, or Miles and Bass’ bromance. The idea that the nanites, by introducing a guitar pick to Miles, might alter his personality is pretty crazy, though we’re presented not only with that but the fact that Rachel actually believes it too. I was bored with Miles and Bass in the first season, and they’ve not really developed in any meaningful way since.

In the end, however you dress this up; these are sad people who couldn’t agree what ethnic food to order as takeout if their lives depended on it. And as such, the idea that they’d be able to take on the very single-minded Patriots is utter bunk. Unless, by an amazing quirk of fate, the super-powers of terminal indecision and incessant bickering are precisely those qualities that ultimately win the day.

Somehow, I doubt it.

The only scene in this I really enjoyed was the one where the Patriot followed Tom back to his home intent on killing him, only to discover that he’s not so easy to end. But after some dry lines from Tom they even managed to ruin that ultimately. Because why would Tom use a cushion to muffle the shots? It’s not like anyone listening wouldn’t be expecting shots. And, they were still very audible and visible from outside anyway.

And, then we’ve got the return of flippy-floppy Marion. She’s been a foe, ally, foe, and now she’s convinced to be an ally by them showing her a Mustard Gas canister, despite her having no actually knowledge of what it is or if there is any gas in it. I just hope Reiko Aylesworth is smart enough never to ask ‘what’s my motivation?’, because the writers have never considered that Marion actually needs one.

Another mystery, though I’m really hopefully that those behind revolution have worked this out, is what nano-Priscilla’s end game is, because she’s been super-creepy now.The speech where she highlights the destructive nature of humans didn’t entirely make sense, as her suggestion to alter mankind wouldn’t actually make it humanity any longer. As she’s a machine, I don’t really follow why she’d consider happiness superior to unhappiness in the human condition, or even care? Please, don’t let them steal the end of Darkstar, and have the nanites conclude that they’re God, by bringing ‘light’.

But in an odd way, there is light at the end of this particular televisual tunnel, because next week NBC will announce which of its ragtag collection of shows gets renewed and those that are cancelled, never to return (maybe).

If the words ‘Revolution’ and ‘Cancellation’ aren’t closely associated in my next review, I’ll probably be inclined to be less charitable to this show than I’ve been so far.

You’ve been warned NBC, just end this!

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