Revolution season 2 episode 19 review: $#!& Happens

Review Billy Grifter
2 May 2014 - 11:38

The latest Revolution story is proof beyond all doubt that $#!& happens, especially on NBC...

This review contains spoilers.

2.19 S#!& Happens

What this story made me consider is that a few people who work on Revolution really like the show and the characters. Not sure why, but they do.

Because that’s the only reason that this episode could have such an excellent opening, which explains the aftermath of Jason’s death, and then descend into utter silliness in such rapid order. Someone did the start, and then the financial pressures of making TV shows kicked in, and they shouted ‘that’s a wrap!’

What transpires along the way is the nanites moved from being these problematic entities to wholesale villains of the piece, with a large chunk of the story revolving around a single idea that the writers got from the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal drama, Prisoners.

Miles is injured and then trapped, in what starts out as bad luck and then evolves into a nano experiment about what motivates people, and how they live with the darker things they do. Surely a better choice of candidate for this would be Bass, but instead they trap Miles below ground and then torture him with ironic memory triggers that pile up so rapidly that you’d think he’s work out he was being messed with. Or, he could use them to form a staircase, preferably.

This could have been interesting, and even told us some things about Miles that we didn’t already really know. Yet what it did was remind us that those that write Revolution just don’t care about making their world remotely believable. Injured by the fight with the Texas Ranger, he uses his red hot sword to cauterize the wound. That makes sense, apart from the fact he’d obviously have asphyxiated starting a fire in an enclosed space.

And then, the final escape... The cordite from one bullet wouldn’t do anything, outside the bullet casing, other than make smoke. It certainly wouldn’t start a fire and shift a fallen wall. The Revolution writers are the world’s most optimistic physicists, I’ve concluded. Unless you want to believe that the nanites let him breathe and climb out, because they accept he’d asked forgiveness for his many errors. No, I don’t buy that either. But then to buy any of this you’d have to accept that, in looking for Miles, Rachel and Bass walk back and forwards several hundred miles in a matter of days on the trail from Austin to Willoughby.

Will Miles be reborn a new caring person? Not sure I care if he is or not.

Running against the Miles experiment, was the fallout from the death of Jason, where through amazing bad luck (or nanites) Charlie ends up with Tom. There was some half decent acting and development going on here, right to the point where I laughed out loud when Tom asked "what was that... on your face?" In my early reviews of this show I made much of the expressions Tracy Spiridakos made, and how it was often difficult to interpret them as emotions. That Tom eventually asks the same question seemed mildly hilarious. Though I accept the joke was possibly unintended.

How this scene ended wasn’t properly explored, but it seems reasonable to assume that Tom is heading to Washington to present his lack of voter confidence in the administration, once he’s found some more bullets. The show ends with Miles escaping from the cellar, unhampered by billowing clouds of CGI smoke. That explains how it didn’t choke him to death, probably.

There are now three episodes left, and they can’t come quick enough for this reviewer. The word is that Revolution won’t get a renewal for season 3. Unless the nanites want to continue the same cruel experiment on me, then it will be. Given that Almost Human, a TV show with more redemption that this was cancelled this last week, the continuation of this one would be proof that there is no justice in television these days. 

The next story is called Tomorrowland. A location that’s hopefully closer to walk than Austin for our much experimented on characters.

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