Revolution season 2 episode 13 review: Happy Endings

Review Billy Grifter
2 Feb 2014 - 12:20

Revolution continues to circle the creative plug-hole. Here's Billy's review of Happy Endings...

This review contains spoilers.

2.13 Happy Endings

Happy Endings started with disappointment for gifted actor Stephen Collins, when Gene survives his Typhus/Typhoid/Man-flu. There’s no escape (or capture) for his character, and I feel for him. He’s condemned to live on by Bass-Boy, who manages to get the drugs and escape from town with the help of Miles and his sniping skills. Have you noticed how firearms are no longer an issue in Revolution, and nobody uses bows any longer? Perhaps the Patriots unleashed a huge stockpile of ammo?

Anyway, they get back to Grandpa with the antidote, and after injecting him leave the rest of the drug in the camp so that Ed ‘JFK’ Truman won’t die and should any of them contract the illness they’d be utterly stuffed. They then travel to where Bass was earning a living as a bare-knuckle fighter, which is five minutes away it seems. The distance travelled by people on foot or horse this week is just astounding. They get to New Vegas, wherever that is in the blink of an eye, but that’s nothing compared with what Tom and Jason achieve getting to Willoughby from Washington DC quicker than an internal air flight. Texas is more than 1,500 miles away from DC, and in the Wild West days it could have easily taken them months. But who’s counting, not those who write this it appears.

What’s interesting about the Tom story is that it’s one of the wildly telegraphed parts of the show, where even the least intelligent viewer can guess what’s coming next, even if it’s a total surprise to Tom. The President invites you to the Oval Office, shows you a picture of your wife so he can tear it up, and then sends you to kill Bass? Really. The reason he showed you a picture is that you’ve been set up by your wife, Tom. Because she’s sipping Mojitos out on the Whitehouse lawn, you dumb idiot. And, they allowed Jason to go along to keep an eye on you, and kill you once you’ve completed your mission. He’s not going to happy when he finds out, but then he’s always had a joyless existence. Let it end.

But Revolution did manage to surprise me once this week, when almost entirely without any romance or preamble, Bass-Boy and Charlie hooked up. Surely some small hint that they liked each other in a previous episode wasn’t too much to ask, or even an explanation of how she’s so sexually experienced, but no. Bass isn’t thrilled at this development, but that will be as nothing when Rachel finds out, and tells Charlie that she might have had sex with her brother.

I’d cover the parts where Bass fights so Connor and Charlie can make a complete mess of stealing diamonds, but it was tedious and predictable. They’re captured… yet again. It did have one fantastical thing in it, a cameo of Bret Michaels singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn, suggesting that on top of everything else, Revolution's writers have no taste in music.

Bass and co are captured, and so are Aaron and Priscilla, because religious extremists always gravitate to super-powers. Next episode Aaron will torch Lubbock, which might put a dent in the carefully crafted belief system of its inhabitants, I can only hope.

Revolution really needs some ‘crazy’, because this show is circling the plug-hole both creatively and figuratively. The word is that it’s on the bubble regarding renewal, and I for one wouldn’t be disappointed for this particular creative writing experiment to end abruptly.

For my sanity, Russia has delivered the Sochi Winter Olympics, providing an alternative ‘downhill’ to the one that Revolution regularly provides. It returns on Wednesday the 26th of February, when as the promo tells us ‘All of your questions will be answered’. Somehow, I doubt that.

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