Revolution season 2 episode 12 review: Captain Trips

Review Billy Grifter
24 Jan 2014 - 07:14

The amazingly daft world of Revolution strikes again. Here's Billy's review of Captain Trips...

This review contains spoilers.

2.12 Captain Trips

The trailer hinted at the broad and sweeping stupidity of this episode, but nothing could actually prepare me for how unrelentingly dumb and numbingly tedious this was in almost every aspect.

We’ve got a Typhus outbreak that Gene can’t understand. That’s because - and this is something the writers should have been able to fix - he got his medical degree at, and can’t understand the major difference between Typhus (non-communicable between humans, transmitted by fleas and ticks) and Typhoid Fever (hugely contagious through bacteria transfer). In fact he doesn’t even question why the symptoms don’t fit either illness until Rachel turns up, who as a scientist is obviously smarter, not.

About her appearance, how exactly did she and Bass, Miles and truculent-Bass-boy reappear in the imaginary town of Willoughby, Texas, so rapidly? Given that the location of the town is probably the same as where it’s shot, Austen, and the Mexican town they left Nunez was across the border some way, that could easily be 250-300 miles away. As I recall they rode to the border, and lost their horses there, so they walked 300 miles, which would take at least two weeks or more, in seemingly a matter of hours. I know they created imaginary Willoughby so that people wouldn’t ask these questions about travel, but it’s still wrong almost wherever you put it geographically because of the landscape.

Last week I got somewhat annoyed at the capture and escape game, and so this week instead of looking at each of the three story threads, I’m going just to review who was captured, and who escaped.

Miles, Bass, Connor and Rachel all escaped last week. Rachel then gets herself captured, because she’s no idea that her hair makes her stand out, and she couldn’t talk to Gene anywhere private it seems. She then sends messages to Miles, but chooses not to escape, yet.

Gene is captured, and can’t escape because he contracts the illness he doesn’t understand, by eating the oranges he’s never had. He’s on the edge of escaping the show entirely by the credits, a relief I’m sure.

Miles, Connor, Bass and Rachel capture Ed Truman, though nobody else in the camp notices him and his sidekick are missing. Connor takes him to get the antidote, and gets captured, maybe.

Jason Neville is captured already, so Julia and Tom come up with a plan to act so obviously in collusion that they too are captured, maybe they can escape now, individually or as a group.

Grace escapes from Aaron and Priscilla, presumably because she’s sick of them both. They escape from the boredom of Spring City and can’t decide where to get captured next, until a tree points them in the direction of Lubbock, Texas. That’s only a few hundred miles on foot, I’m sure, they’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

If this wasn’t all entirely irrational, they also managed to kill a whole chunk of time this week with a Tom and Julia flashback, at least a season too late to explain their relationship, and how they became ruthless people. A backstory for a character we met thirty-three episodes ago seems utterly redundant now.

Oh, and the title of the show is an obscure reference to Stephen King's, The Stand. In that book, and TV mini-series, Captain Trips was a form of genetically engineered influenza that wipes out almost everyone on the planet.

Please, someone stop this junk before the twenty-two episode order, or we’ll all be eating oranges!

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