Remy Chandler novels being adapted for TV

News Michael Noble
25 Oct 2013 - 06:54

Buffyverse writer Thomas E. Sniegoski's urban fantasy series is being adapted for NBC...

NBC has ordered a script that will adapt the Remy Chandler series of urban fantasy novels for TV. 

The series, which debuted in 2008 with A Kiss Before The Apocalypse, feature Chandler, an angel who has eschewed life in Heaven for a literally more mundane one, working as a private investigator in Boston. His wings may have been clipped, but he retains a few powers that can prove handy on the mean streets of the Massachusetts city, including making himself invisible, mind reading and the ability to speak any language. He also has the Dr Dolittle-esque power to understand animals.

The project is described as “a procedural with humour, questions of faith and fate, and a very distinct partnership.”

Remy Chandler is the brainchild of Thomas E. Sniegoski who has a firm pedigree in cross-media characters, having also written novels and comics set in the Buffyverse, the Star Trek universe and Gotham City.

Sniegoksi's Chandler novels currently run to six volumes, featuring a wide cast of characters, both human and supernatural. Details of how closely the TV version will stick to them are yet to emerge. 


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