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News Pete Dillon-Trenchard 30 Nov 2012 - 16:07

Reckon you know a lot about Red Dwarf? Take our special quiz and find out...


To celebrate the triumphant return of Red Dwarf to our screens with Red Dwarf X - which is out on DVD and Blu-ray now - we've put together a special quiz to test your knowledge of the show! See how well you can answer these 20 Red Dwarf questions - all against the clock.

Good luck!

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Red Dwarf X is on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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The answer to question 17 is wrong ... Which TV chef appeared as Lister's GELF bride in Emohawk?

Ainsley Harriett played the brides father. Steven Wickham played the bride

Glad the answer to how many sons does he have is 3 though.

Of course he did. D'oh, sorry! I even corrected someone who said Harriott played the bride a few weeks ago... Hopefully people will be able to forgive the slip.

And I think the sons question will trip more than a few people up ;)

Unfortunately I spent so long deliberating over whether you counted Lister as his own son in the answer i missed the window in which to answer lol

I almost did the same! I said 3 sons in the end.

Where are the answers !!

Lister has two kids, Jim and Bexley. What the hell is up with those goddam fractions?

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