Official Red Dwarf X poster arrives

News Louisa Mellor 3 Sep 2012 - 07:46

The brand new smegging series of Red Dwarf will be with us on the 4th of October, and here’s the poster to prove it…

We’ve seen the trailer, we’ve pondered the episode titles, and now comes the first official poster for Dave’s new six-part series of Red Dwarf, which starts on Thursday October the 4th.

Being as polite as we can, it doesn't look as though a huge amount of time or compositing skill was spent on this image, but it certainly serves its purpose. And all told, a quarter of a century on, the crew aren’t looking too bad wouldn’t you say? 


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They all look so haggard... and why are they all just standing in what looks like an asteroid belt?

The overdone tone mapping looks horrendous

Why has Kryten got a magic 8 ball in his stomach?

Kryten still looks like a piece of squashed cheese but I still want to see this.

I can't help picturing Cat in a bathrobe brandishing a knife since that (alleged) incident with the binman.

Not very good. The image makes them look old and weary. While it has been 25 years since the show started, the clip circulated last week shows that, at least in terms of Kryten and The Cat, they don't look that much different. Still looking forward to seeing this; I'm hoping it gets picked up by a North American broadcaster or at least we don't have to wait too long for the DVD.

Chill out people, its just a poster. Sure, it could have been better but it is meant to convey to people not up on British Sci-fi who might just recognise the characters that a new series of a classic show is returning, nothing more To people who say they look old, can you imagine the stick they would get if they were airbrushed?

I would love to see an episode where they play the other half of the season 7 (?) episode where they are all old and evil. Given that they are now looking like they did with the latex in that ep.

That's not an asteroid belt - Lister left last night's vindaloo in the microwave for too long!

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