Will Red Dwarf X be the show’s final outing?

News Louisa Mellor
22 Aug 2012 - 18:14

Coming to Dave this October, the episode titles for the brand new series of Red Dwarf hint that it may be the show’s swan song…

You’ve Robert Llewellyn to thank for this, as it was on his personal blog that he divulged the titles of the six forthcoming episodes of Red Dwarf.

According to the man inside Kryten’s rubber head then, the episode names, in order they'll be broadcast, are:

1. Trojan

2. Fathers and Sons

3. Lemons

4. Entangled

5. Dear Dave

6. The Beginning

The titles have already had fans stroking their chins, and it's been pointed out that as the first ever episode of the show was paradoxically called The End, the fact that the final episode of Red Dwarf X is entitled The Beginning points towards the new series being the one that will put Red Dwarf to bed once and for all...

We'll bring you more on Red Dwarf X as it we have it.

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