Will Red Dwarf X be the show’s final outing?

News Louisa Mellor 22 Aug 2012 - 18:14

Coming to Dave this October, the episode titles for the brand new series of Red Dwarf hint that it may be the show’s swan song…

You’ve Robert Llewellyn to thank for this, as it was on his personal blog that he divulged the titles of the six forthcoming episodes of Red Dwarf.

According to the man inside Kryten’s rubber head then, the episode names, in order they'll be broadcast, are:

1. Trojan

2. Fathers and Sons

3. Lemons

4. Entangled

5. Dear Dave

6. The Beginning

The titles have already had fans stroking their chins, and it's been pointed out that as the first ever episode of the show was paradoxically called The End, the fact that the final episode of Red Dwarf X is entitled The Beginning points towards the new series being the one that will put Red Dwarf to bed once and for all...

We'll bring you more on Red Dwarf X as it we have it.

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Short answer: Unlikely
Shorter answer: No
Shorts for the summer: £9.99

plz plz plz dont be s***t ,If it is Dave will be banned in my house

Well if it's The Beginning and we've already had The End, then what happened to The Middle?

"Will Red Dwarf X be the show’s final outing?"

Let us hope so.

Don't agree at all here. I saw most of these episodes at recording and it's the strongest it's been since 1993. Episode 6 alone is a classic that should rank alongside the best. On the basis of wht I saw I'd love there to be more as the show was clearly far from being tired or out of ideas.

I would hope it's the last television series, followed sometime soon after by the long-rumored 'Red Dwarf' movie, the script for which has been finished since 2004, but poor Doug Naylor can't get any funding for it... if the 'Dwarf' had been an equally successful U.S. sci-fi comedy series, they would probably have made the movie whilst the show was still on the air back in the 1990's, a' la 'The X Files'...

Hopefully. That special from a couple years ago was one of the most horrendous tv shows ever!

Doubt so... but hey, if it ends up being that way then what better way to end the show? It's unlikely however, because they did keep using the possibility of a further series as a bartering chip so the people who attended the filming wouldn't spoil it.

I literally cannot wait for this. I fell out of love with the Red Dwarf Posse during its later series but the first 3 series will forever have a place in my heart, and I so hope it can recapture what it once had (i.e. more ship based situational comedy not cheap gimmicks), and I see no reason why if its successful, there cant be more.

Hoping this will be a decent send-off for a much-loved series. Would we have had more faith had BBC2 picked it up again? Next year RD is 25 and I think the only thing against it is that the leads are getting older. Ten is a nice round number to end on then again as long as they keep it fresh it might be good for a couple more seasons.

I was under the impression Dave had picked it up for two series?

This series should have died long ago. When I saw the entire gang walking down a corridor all dressed up ass Dwaine dibbley to the tune of resovouir dogs, I turned it off with a curse and have never looked at it again. The show was once funny. But its been tripe for a long time.

I hope you are right, Alex. I am a big fan of Red Dwarf.

The shows are dead to me past season 6

You know, this was a fantastic series in its day. I used to love it. But....from the trailers I've seen, with the cast now well into middle age, this revival just doesn't seem to sit quite right somehow. Almost like those ageing rock stars trying to recapture their youth. I wonder if they ought to have revived the series at all after all this time or just left it alone. Oh well, I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the actual episodes instead of just trailers.

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