The official trailer for Red Dwarf X

Trailer Simon Brew 20 Jul 2012 - 22:30

Catch your first glimpse at the new series of Red Dwarf right here...

With a theme tune that still brings requisite goosebumps with it, and the promise of the show firing back near the time of its game, we stand happy and excited about the forthcoming full series of Red Dwarf.

Commissioned by and showing on Dave later this year, we've spoken to a few people who went along to the recording of the series itself, and off the back of that, we've been hearing a lot of enthusiasm for Red Dwarf X.

Here, then, is the first official glimpse of it, with a near minute-long trailer to get your teeth into. So far so good, and we've got a fuller breakdown of the trailer for you coming soon on the site...

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So far so good, here's hoping it's at least as funny as Season 6...

I really hope this is a return to former glory but I'm skeptical. I hate the fact they're not using sets and shooting in front of green screens. Looks tacky and cheap.

They did use sets. This was filmed in front of an audience (apart from fx heavy pre-records)

The set has a look of of the original show. But a good funny show will rise above any substandard production values

It was filmed live on sets at Shepperton : )

Kryten's face looks like it melted and they tried to fix it.

Just going to enjoy it. it wont be totally crap, and seeing the guys back in a half as good show is still better than the comedy shows that are being delivered by this country in the last five years, with the exception maybe at Peep Show and the Inbetweeners

it looks better than Back To Earth so that is a small improvement, It looks like age has finally caught up to the cast too.

Am I the only sane one here? Why don't we just drop the defensive shields? A superlative suggestion Sir apart from two minor flaws. Firstly we don't have any defensive shields, and secondly we don't have any defensive shields. Now I realise that technically that's only one flaw but it was such a big one that I thought it was worth mentioning twice! Marvelous!

I was there for some of the filming and it was a laugh! Looking forward to this.

I might give it a watch if someone's put the reins on Robert Llewellyn's terribly over enthusiastic contributions.

It's hard to see how it will be anything startlingly originally, just older actors going thru the same motions which a lot of people got bored with many years ago.

It really became a copy/paste show with the same routines time after time by season 7 and even when they tried to switch the plot up for 8 and 9 it didn't really work as the original premise had been lost.
It should have gone out with glory after S06 rather than thrash around for 3 more years, let alone get recommissioned. Some shows should be more like faulty towers and less like last of the summer wine when it comes to life span.

Come on! It looks like great fun. True to the original, and the cast dont look too bad at all for their age, after all Chris Barrie is 52 now! I just wish Holly was there, as he used to add a lot and get great lines. Pity about Noman Lovett and the whole fall out, after they got him back in the last series. They should re cast it with someone, like they did when Holly was played by Hattie H. Either way, its bound to be better than the other crap comedies that they churn out on the BBC these days. I hope it does really well and they stick the Vs to the British BroadCrapping Crapperation because they refused to make any more. It should have been back years ago, but thanks to the short sighted idiots in charge they refused to do it. What the hell do we pay the license fee for? Its supposed to be our channel, not what the management decides we should see. The wife and I watched Back to Earth yesterday, and two things struck me about it. One its still VERY funny and had lots of laugh out loud moments, the cracks from Rimmer about Saturday night Tv really were on the money, and secondly, it looks like RedDwarf the movie. Because of the way its filmed and no audience. Watch it again...its fun and surreal and the whole Blade Runner Homage feels a bit like Spaced almost. Corrie Street is a scream when they all troop into the shop and take the mick! " We were so authentic it was frightening.!!" Lmao! I cant wait to see it...takes me right back to 1989 and the days when the BBC used to be a bit more brave and bold with the programs they make....Rock on the DWARF!!!

Ganymede and Titan, yessir I've been around...

1) The BBC consistanly has the best new drama on TV, DW, Life on Mars/A2A, Luther, Dirk Gently, Being Human, in the last few years of the top of my head, it is woth double what I pay IMHO. Just because it chooses not to renew a program which had 1 appaling season (7) and 1 which was bloated and at best passable (8) does not make it a poor service.

2) Back to Earth was hardly earth-shatteringly funny, - like Back in the Red from series 8 there was probably 25 minutes of good comedy streatched to what 70 minutes?

Fair point. I dont agree though. I watch Top Gear and Doctor Who on the BBC, thats it. For that I have to pay £150 for the Tv, so I can watch other channels, or Sky or Virgin or whatever. If I dont pay it, and take out the Tv, they plague the living daylights out of you about a license, because they dont believe anyone in this day and age should not have one, and I am sick of it. Believe me I have tried it, and so has my Aunt. Talk about the Tv Police and Big Brother. I would not care if the fee went on various programs, but the management get paid millions, and selling off the tv center to move to other studios around the country, is just mental. Get rid of BBC3, and BBC4, and merge all of their stuff with BBC2 and put it all on there, stop paying for overpriced crap (BBC just secured the rights to show the next four Olympic Games...How many millions has been wasted on that for two weeks of people running around and jumping and swimming? ) and stop paying big fees to people in offices and make PROGRAMS! Thats what they are supposed to do. Red Dwarf is still fun, and I have loved all the seasons and versions EXCEPT the whole season when Red Dwarf was missing and they were on Starbug the whole time. Suddenly a ship that only had two rooms, seemed to find lots more space and more rooms, ducts etc than before. Back to Earth was funny in all of its episodes, each character had their moment and I would rather watch that, than Middle Class stuff like Outnumbered, or My Family etc....

Not everybody is the same, I would guess 90% of the TV I watch is BBC, I also listen to a lot of Radio 5 and TMS on R5extra as well, I get *far* *far* more value for my money for my £12 per month than the £30 a month I pay to Sky every month

the fact that the crew are getting older is plausible i mean its not like star trek where they can go back to starfleet command and get a new crew there is no reason the crew cant get old which leaves us by my reckoning to at least another ten years of dwarf if we want it

nonsense. the series with starbug has some of the best red dwarf episodes. ridiculous.

I hope they factor the actors ages into the story lines and give us some slightly new perspectives on some old beloved characters.

I'm concerned. Satellite TV mostly make very poor TV programmes (how many panel shows are there I wonder?) The BBC can take a boot up the backside for dropping the Dwarf but they do make excellent quality television, having now looked at the trailer from Dave... (I mean who calls a TV channel Dave for starters come on sounds as cheap as it is) ...and I assume they would want to show us the best moments to wet our appetites...if that's it we dwarfers are in trouble.

Looks good, but wow they look old. Apart from Danny John Jules, who clearly has a rotting painting of himself in some attic somewhere.

May I remind you of Space Corp Directive 34124. 34124: No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero-gravity. XD Classic.

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