Ravenswood season 1 finale review: My Haunted Heart

Review Kaci Ferrell
5 Feb 2014 - 06:59

Ravenswood's uneven first season has drawn to a close, with plenty of lessons to be learnt should season two come along...

This review contains spoilers.

1.10 My Haunted Heart

In the season finale of Ravenswood, Caleb's ex-girlfriend Hanna comes to town at precisely the worst moment, Luke and Olivia finally learn who killed their father, and Abaddon comes to collect his due.

First and foremost, I need this show to stop breaking my heart immediately. When Hanna arrives to visit Caleb, he finally has to come clean about Miranda being dead but not gone. Hanna doesn't quite believe him, but she does know two things: 1) She liked Miranda and is sad she's gone and 2) she's grateful that Caleb survived the car accident.

She visits the graveyard alone in order to put flowers on Miranda's grave before heading into the funeral parlour to have a one-person funeral since she wasn't invited to the real one. Miranda arrives and, although Hanna can not hear or see her, Miranda thanks her for the flowers and for being so kind. It's unbelievably heartbreaking to remember their first meeting and how quickly they took to each other. I don't doubt that they could've became great friends had Miranda not died. There's a tenderness in the way they speak to each other in this scene, even though Hanna can't hear Miranda and is not aware that Miranda can hear her. Even when she believes Miranda is dead and gone, she cares for her and wants good things for her. Someone pass the tissues; I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

While Caleb is distracted by that, Remy and the Mathesons are searching for the helper Abaddon referred to in Remy's dream. He turns out to be a blind teenager named Ryan who was killed by the pact after the Vietnam War. Olivia immediately decides they can use Ryan to find out who really killed her father, so the three of them head to Mr Matheson's old office and ask Ryan to bring on the flashbacks.

I've been hard on this storyline because I've felt like it's been dragging its feet along all season, but it certainly ramps up in this episode: the flashback reveals that Dillon killed Mr Matheson before framing their mother, but not before inadvertently leaving behind his fingerprint in Mr. Matheson's blood. Luke, for once being the voice of reason, wants to call the police, but Olivia's decided it's her turn to indulge some violent outbursts: she wants to kill Dillon with her own bare hands, consequences be damned.

Before anyone can do anything, however, Dillon kidnaps Remy and lures the rest of the group into the forbidden chapel, where Abaddon says he wants to give Miranda her life back. There's some handwaving about how they all five have to die at the same time, and so the other four can't be killed until Miranda is brought back, but mostly I don't care because the proposition of Miranda getting her life back has been dangled before me and I'll be damned if that's not enough all by itself to keep me watching through six seasons and a movie.

Dillon gets freaked out by this mystical nonsense and scampers off into the forest where Max offers to help him get away. And indeed she does, if the rest of that sentence is, "...from this mortal coil," since she leads Dillon right into an oncoming train. His 90's boy band hair cut will not be missed.

Back in the chapel, Creepy Uncle bursts in and confronts Abaddon to save the kids and releases original Caleb's spirit from its jar in order to scare Abaddon off. Somehow he still remains pretty creepy since I still don't understand exactly what he does and if it's in service of Abaddon or some other force. However, he seems to be on the kids' side now, and even mentions that there are other ways to bring Miranda back, so that's good enough for me. Welcome to the team, Ray Collins. You'll always be Creepy Uncle in my heart.

As current Caleb says goodbye to his ex-girlfriend, original Caleb finds Miranda at their special place. In the past, the two of them promise each other forever as the first season of Ravenswood comes to a close.

I will not pretend that this season has been perfect. Far from it; it's been uneven and shaky and there is major room for improvement. But for all its faults, Ravenswood has undoubtedly been campy fun, which has made it easy to gloss over its weaknesses. I trust these writers and I have faith that they'll look back on this run, find their strengths and their weaknesses, and - should one be confirmed - deliver a second season that's stronger than its predecessor. 

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